◆My Schedule Book for 2016

My Schedule Book for 2016


  Already at stationary stores1, they’ve started to display date books2 for 2016.


  I bet3 many people have features4 that they care about5 in a date book.  In my case, I like the DELFONICS
one, and I’ve stayed with it for the last 5 years.


  But, you know what? After I buy it, I customize my book, on my own6. I paint on the book! 

  It happened 2 years ago. The previous year7, they had a very interesting one with a cover design of gradation from blue to green. When I saw it at the store, I did a dance (in my heart!) and I grabbed8 it! For the whole year9 I was happy.



  The following year10, I had decided to buy the same one and went to the store, but they changed the design. I was so disappointed. HOWEVER, human beings can really think when the situation is not working for us. I got an idea! I could paint to solve the problem.




  This year again, I couldn’t find one that I really liked, so I bought one I could customize and I painted.



  I think I like it! The year book is just a book but quite an important part of my life.



1 a stationary store : 文房具店
2 a date book = a schedule book
3 I bet ~ : きっと~だろう
4 feature : 特徴
5 care about : ~を気にする
6 on one’s own : 一人で
7 the previous year : 前年
8 grab : ~をつかむ
9 for the whole year : 1年間ずっと
10 the following year : 翌年

9 今回は話にのぼった明確な“その”年のことなので、the を使いましたが、単に「一年間ずっと」と伝えたいときは、for a whole year となります。























































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