◆My Tradition!!


My Tradition


  A week has passed since Golden Week. How did you enjoy your holidays?


  Of course, my blog during/soon after Golden Week is about my tradition1 — a flower shopping spree2 with my friend! I got up in the morning excitedly. I made coffee and a bag of snacks3 and put them in the car. (These are important because we have to have a "mogu mogu (munching4)" time — like the Japan curling team — to use our shopping time effectively5, and off we go6!!


  In April, it was quite cold for that season. I don’t know if this low temperature was related to the selections at nurseries7 (we visited 4 nurseries!), but we didn’t see much of the tall kinds of flowers such as Lupinas or Delpheniums. Or was it just a question of8 timing? On this day, it was a cold rainy day, and I thought I was not in the right mood to enjoy our day but my wallet proved9 I WAS!!


  Anyway, to make up for10 that cold shopping day, since we had a very long 10-day Golden Week, I went out with Will who also wanted to go flower shopping and we bought more stuff11 for our garden.


  Now we had almost finished planting the flowers we bought. Our garden and the area around the front door are full of life! We are enjoying every moment looking at our garden and the plants and getting a lot of good energy!!








 This was the very last plant that I added to the shopping basket this season — blue clover!




 Now they are all blended into our garden!






1 tradition :慣習
2 shopping spree : 思いっきり楽しむ買い物
3 snack : 軽食
4 munch : もぐもぐ食べる
5 effectively : 効率よく
6 go off : 出発する
7 nursery : 苗屋・園芸店
8 a question of ~ : ~の問題
9 prove : ~を証明する
10 make up for ~ : ~を埋め合わせる
11 stuff = things






 もちろん、GW中もしくはGW直後の私のブログはお決まり — 友人との"大"花の買い物の日について!朝ワクワク気分で起きてきて→コーヒーを煎れて、バッグに軽食を詰め→車に入れ(これが実はとても重要。なぜなら、ショッピングの時間を有効に使うには、日本のカーリングチームのように“もぐもぐタイム”が必要)、そして、いざ出発!






























































































 これが最後の最後に買い物かごに入れた植物 — ブルークローバー!























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