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My Wimbledon


  This year’s Wimbledon was over last Sunday. Rodger Federer, my favorite player, became the champion again, breaking the record1 by getting the title 8 times.

  I started watching Wimbledon on TV 7 years ago. That’s when I first noticed2 that NHK shows the matches on TV. After watching Wimbledon for 2 years on TV, I couldn’t stand just watching3 it. I went to a tennis school and signed up for4 a class. I’m still playing there.


  Since we don’t have cable TV, every night I have to wait until 12:10 to watch the matches. Sometimes I stay up5 until 2:30 or in the worst case 3:00. As6 the players gradually7 get tired, I also struggle with8 fatigue in the last few days of the 2-week tournament.


 Anyway, it is so much fun to see the tennis matches every day. Recently, it’s more fun with Kei Nishikori, Naomi Osaka, Yuichi Sugita, Shingo Kunieda and Yui Kamiji. Many Japanese players are making tennis tournaments much more fun for me. (My tennis coach said when Sugita was young and lived in Sendai, he always won the local tournaments. It must be really tough9 to come to be one of the top players in the world. Whew!)


  Since I enjoy Wimbledon so much for 2 weeks, I feel like something is missing in my life when it’s over. However, this year…. I was able to avoid feeling10 that way because of this! Ta-da!

  I slept on the idea11 of getting it one night because it was a bit expensive. I also asked Will if it was OK to get it even though I was going to pay from my monthy allowance12.
  Waiting for my Wimbledon towel really helped me to enjoy the residual of the tournament. When it came, I felt like it was Christmas! Next year, I’m going to sit in front of the TV with this towel to watch Wimbledon!

1 break the record  : 記録を破る
2 notice  : ~に気付く
3 can’t stand doing : ~することに我慢できない
4 sign up forr ~  : ~に申し込む
5 stay up : 寝ずに起きている
6 as S + V : SがVするにつれて 
7 gradually : 段々に
8 struggle with ~ : ~と闘う
9 tough : 難しい、大変な
10 avoid doing : ~することを避ける
11 sleep on ~ : ~を一晩考える
12 monthly allowance : 月のお小遣い
6 as は他にもいろいろ意味があります。ぜひ辞書で確認してみてください!!


























































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