◆New Year’s Greeting!

New Year’s Greeting1!

  Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you’ll have a wonderful 2017!
How did you enjoy the New Year’s holidays? (↑My cat often shows up when I try to take a photo.)
  We? We went to my mom’s house and had New Year’s food2 on New Year’s day. On the 2nd, we visited our friend’s house, and on the 3rd, Will went on a birding trip3 with his friend. (Poor me, I was working at my computer all day, making the final exams for the college.) 
  Will’s Big Bird Day is his traditional New Year holiday event. He got up at 4:30 and left home before dawn5 because he wanted to be at the first place when the sun came up. In winter, daytime is short, so to see birds the time is really limited. They saw 91 species6 in one day. Isn’t that amazing? He is always excited about this event.
  By the way, when we visited our friend’s house, she showed me a very interesting thing. Look!   
  You can serve tea in two cups at the same time7! I’ve never seen this kind of teapot  before. Funny! 

  … and a few days later, while I was reading a book I found this illustration. What a coincidence8!
 I guess my new year’s resolution9 for this year should be "give up my preconceived ideas10"? 
  Anyway, we wish you and the world a lot of happiness and peace.

1 greeting  : 挨拶
2 New Year’s food   : お節料理
3 go on a trip : 旅に出る
4 at ~ : ~に向かって
5 dawn : 夜明け
6 species : 種
7 at thesame time : 今のところ
8 coincidence : 偶然の一致
9 New Year’s resolution(s) : 新年の抱負
10 preconceived idea : 既成概念
4 日本語の「~に向かって」に相当する言葉は、例えばgo to school のto のように方向性を説明するものだったり、leave for Canada のfor のように目的地を説明するものもありますが、at は行動・エネルギー・姿勢といったものが「ぶつかる」イメージを持つとうまく使いこなせますよ!ex. be mad at ~(~に怒っている), look at ~(~を見る), sit at a table(テーブルにつく)














どのようなお正月休みを過ごしましたか?(↑ うちの猫ちゃん、私が写真を撮ろうとすると、よくそこに現れるんです。)














































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