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Our Birds


  Do you remember that I talked about a pair of great tit1 in our birdhouse2 in the garden? They are still there!


  A few days after they started nesting3 there, Will realized that they would be really hot in the summer. First, we were happy to have them there, but suddenly we started worrying about them. Especially, on sunny days when we could see the sun directly hitting their birdhouse, we felt guilty4 to have put the birdhouse up there on the tree — in the sun.
  We were pondering5 for a few days how we could shade6 their nest. Then, one day, we came up with7 an idea! — Make a shade with an umbrella.
  It was easy, and it doesn’t wreck8 the looks of our garden. Since an unbrella has a handle, it was easy to tie it to the branches really securely9. And also, because of the umbrella’s shape, it is quite stable on the top of the tree. Probably, it won’t come off10 even on a windy day.
  When I see it from the 2nd floor, our garden looks kind of fun. Before, the birds were busy flying in and out of the nest. Now they are quiet. According to Will, that means they have eggs. Imagining what they are doing under there, I always feel happy!

1 great tit  : シジュウカラ
2 birdhouse  : 巣箱
3 nest(v.) : 巣作りをする
4 guilty  : 罪の意識がある
5 ponder  : じっくり考える
6 shade : ~に陰を作る 
7 come up with ~ : ~を思いつく
8 wreck : ~を台無しにする
9 securely : 安全に 
10 come off :











 どうやったら巣に日が当たらないようにしてあげられるかと、しばらくああでもないこうでもないと考え、ある日、思いつきました!— 傘で日陰を作ってあげようと。





























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