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Our Garden


  One week has past since Golden Week. After my big Golden Week flower shopping day, finally the flowers that I bought on that day are settled in their spots.


  We don’t want to tire ourselves out1, pushing ourselves to finish2 planting everything in one day, so it usually takes about one week to finish planting (after I purchase a big bunch of3 flowers).


  Now it’s fun to walk outside3 the house and see the new members of the garden family here and there4 Especially, I, who had an annual flower shopping spree5 with my friend, also enjoy remembering my super fun day. 


  On my Golden Week flower shopping day, I left home at 9:30 in the morning and came back home at 9:30 at night. It’s almost like this every year. Me and my friend can EASILY spend 2 hours at just one nursery6. We always hop around7 to a couple of nurseries on that day. We both bring some drinks and snacks with us to have in the car so that we can nourish8 ourselves to keep going9. (This is important! (^-^)d )


  We laugh at each other when noticing one of us standing still10 in front of some plant with a serious look on our faces, trying to decide to buy it or not. Or sometimes, we giggle11 together peeking into12 each other’s shopping basket because we keep adding flowers to it. Or we just smile at each other simply because we are so happy.


  Anyway, this is when they came to my house.


  And after that, they blend into13 our garden. Happy, happy!!







1 tire ~ out : ~を疲れさせる
2 push ~ to do : ~を…するよう追い込む
3 outside : (前)~の外に
4 here and there : あちこち
5 spree : (浮かれ騒ぎ)
6 nursery : 苗屋
7 hop aournd to ~ : ~までひょいと動き回る
8 nourish : ~に栄養を与える
9 keep going : 進み続ける
10 stand still : 動かずに立っている
11 giggle : ケラケラ声を出して笑う
◆12 peek into ~ : ~を覗き込む
◆13 blend into ~ : ~に混ざり合う

4 outside ~ でも outside of ~ でも両方OK。 











 GWの花の買い物の日には、朝9:30に家を出て、夜9:30に帰って来ました。毎年だいたいこういう感じです。友人と私は、一ヶ所の苗屋さんで"軽く"2時間は過ごせます。そして、この特別な日には2~3ヶ所はしごます。お互い車に飲み物や食べ物を持ち込んで、疲れずにつぎつぎ花屋さん巡りが出来るように、私たちは車を走らせながらエネルギー補給も同時にします。(ここがポイント! (^-^)d

























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