◆Potty Talk Again!


Potty1 Talk Again!


  Recently, I fixed2 the rollers of the door of the bathroom, and I talked about how much fun it is to go to the bathroom and open and close the door. (See my blog on June, 15. )


  Again, just a couple weeks ago, I wanted to work on the bathroom, remembering that I had seen some fun decorations for the sink of the toilet somewhere — maybe LINE? Talking about how to decorate fashionably with the dollar store. Holding ¥1,000, I went to a dollar shop.
  As I expected, I was able to gather some great decorative3 things there! I wanted to have some scene in that little spot on top of the sink behind the toilet, not just putting the usual fancy4 stuff5. It’s not totally my original idea because I stole some ideas from the Internet. And also, I can’t really say that it is in good taste, but for sure6 it is totally different from7 before and gives us a humorous moment when we go into the bathroom. There are palm trees and even a surfer boy!
  … and interestingly, about a week later, my friend gave me a "tropical" flower magnet. (I looked it up. It’s called plumeria.) I put it on my hand-made bathroom tissue holder. There used to be a flower there before, but a feline8criminal9 in our family stole it and lost it after playing with it during the night. The new flower magnet fits perfectly!
  Now we have the summer version of our bathroom. Once we open the "smooth" door10, it takes us to Hawaii. Aloha~!!


1 potty  : トイレ
2 fix  : ~を修繕する
3 decorative : 装飾の
4 fancy  : 上品で素敵な
5 stuff = things
6 for sure : 確実に  
7 different from ~ : ~とは違う
8 feline : ネコの
9 criminal : 犯人
10 Once S + V, : 一度SがVすると、

1 もともと子どもの「おまる」pot から。「トイレに行く」はgo pottyと使います。(V (and) Vのかたち)。初めて聞いた時は、my mother in law(義母)が犬に"Do you wanna go potty?" と使った時でした。oが大きく開く発音ですから、若干音が伸びて、ほんのちょっとpartyに近く聞こえるかも知れません。


























































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