◆Pumpkins of This Year



Pumpkins of This Year


  It’s pumpkin (and everything else) planting time again! 


  For the last few years I haven’t been very excited about my pumpkins but this year I’m in the mood to1 grow a big one.

  So I ordered some special seeds2 on the net and decided to do something I have never done before-
use a seed incubator3 and get started4 early.

  I bought the plastic box at a local store but had to order the heating mat on the internet.
 Here’s what it looks like:


  The recommended temperature for these seeds is really high – around 33 degrees Centigrade5 – and the heating mat didn’t put the temperature up quite that much on cold nights, so I had to throw a towel over6 the whole thing.


  With the towel covering most of the box (you don’t want to cover all of the holes because it will get too humid) the temperature was no problem.

  And unlike the three weeks it took last year for the pumpkins to sprout7 – this time it took just three days!

  My goal this year is to get the pumpkins in8 during golden week -


  So far, so good9!

1 be in the mood to + do : ~をする気になっている
2 seed : タネ
3 incubator : 元は「孵卵器」
4 get started = started
5 centigrade : 摂氏
6 throw ~ over … : …に~を投げかける
7 sprout : 芽を出す
8 get ~ in : ~を植える
9 So far, so good.  : 今のところまずまず
注)7 名詞で「芽」でも使われます。もやしは (bean) sprouts と呼ばれます。最近は、スーパ―で、ブロッコリー・スプラウトなども見るようになりましたね。







 そんな訳で、ネットで特別な種を注文し、今まで試さなかったことをやってみることにしました — 種の保温器を使い、早めに始めること。





























































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