Pumpkins (by Will)


The sun came out – and the danger is over (I hope).


I have grown pumpkins in front of my house for many years. It has been a really fun challenge and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gotten some big pumpkins, and though last year I had a terrible harvest (I grew just one myself and was kindly given one for Halloween by my neighbor-pumpkin-partner),


I have high hopes this time.

This year, for the first time, I had a chance to borrow a real farmer’s field to grow pumpkins.


I’ve long dreamed of growing1 a really big one – and I know that I’ll never get a big pumpkin in my usual place.


I bought some special seeds, and planted several in the usual place, and 3 in my borrowed patch2!


Everything went well for a while. Then the rainy season came and we had many days of cool, rainy weather.

2 weeks ago I visited my field and got a huge shock – one of my pumpkin plants had completely rotted3! I was sick with disappointment.


Checking the other two I was relieved4 to find that they were okay – and even some small pumpkins were starting to appear…


The field is a bit far from my house, so I can’t visit everyday (the pumps in front of my house get much more TLC5), but I try to get there at least once a week.




4 pumpkins were still growing. I crossed my fingers and prayed that the rain would stop and the field dry out!



This is what I found the last time I went out there:



I have 4 pumpkins on the 2 remaining plants! – and they look happy and healthy.

The special seeds I used this time can grow to 900 kilograms!! I know I’ll never get one that big in my usual spot, but in the field? Who knows??????





1 dream of doing : ~することを夢見る
2 patch : 畑の一区画
3 rot : 腐る
4 be sick with ~ : ~でむかつく
5 relieved : 淡水
6 TLC = tender loving care




 太陽が出てくれました。— これで危険は去った(と思いたいなぁ)。







































































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