◆Recent Buys #2


Recent Buys #2

  Recently, this bag joined my bag wardrobe1. Kind of fun, isn’t it?
I fell in love with2 it at first sight3 and I bought it right away.
  I seldom4 go downtown for shopping, but on that day I HAD TO go downtown to have my smartphone fixed. After the errand was done, I thought I should walk around a bit and do something different than usual since I was out5 anyway and it was raining that day so my mood was also "overcast6". And also, I was quite tired of studying7 Spanish for the test. 
  I went into the station building and walked into the shopping complex. When I turned the corner, I encountered8 my fate9!
  We were meant to10 meet — because I knew this bag. One of my students has it. Since it’s quite a catchy11 design, it had been on my mind12. And also, the name "MIS ZAPATOS", which means "my shoes", is Spanish — the language I’m working on right at this moment!
  First, I wanted one of these bags in an autumn color with "the legs" in winter boots, but then I started seeing many different fun (very fun!) designs. Fun designs and colors came one after another13 as14 I kept looking. With the help of a sales lady, I chose the one above. I didn’t want it to look too young and I want to be able to carry it all year round.
  Since the prices are reasonable and it’s about time to start thinking about Christmas, I bought one more in a different style for a Christmas gift.
  After this, every night for a week or so, I enjoyed looking at different designs on the Internet. There are so many "legs" like the ones with sandals, Geta (traditional Japanese shoes for kimono), high heels, et cetera. You name it, they have it.
   A week after, I clicked.
 (You’ll have to guess what I bought from hundreds of choices! It’s a secret!)
  Oh, it’s so dagerous! The more I see them, the more I’m tempted15. I should stay away from16 the computer now!



  p.s. I splurged, but I have an excuse. I bought them first on the JRE point day so that I could get points equivalent to ¥500. The second time, I got 20% off from the regular price. That is the deal when we make a first purchase on that web shop. At least I took advantage of these kinds of little tricks!

1 wardrobe : (本当は)洋服(ダンス)
2 fall in love with ~ : ~に恋におちいる
3 at first sight : 初めて見た時
4 seldom : 滅多に~ない
5 be out  : 外出している
6 overcast : 曇っている
7 be tired of doing : ~することに飽き飽きしている
8 encounter : ~に遭遇する
9 fate : 運命のもの
10 be meant to do : ~することになっている
11 catchy : 目を引く
12 be on one’s mind : 気にかかっている
13 one after another : 次々に
◆14 as : ~するにつれて
◆15 be tempted  : 誘惑される
◆16 stay away from ~ :に近寄らない

最近のお買い物 (2)





























 会うべくして会ったんです — 実はこのバッグの存在を知っていたんです。私の教えている方のお一人が持ってたので。結構目を引くデザインなので、いつも頭のどこかにありました。そしてまた、この"MIS ZAPATOS"(ミス・サパトス。メーカー名はミス・サパトになっていますが)という名前。スペイン語で「私の靴」という意味で、今まさに私がやっている言語。


















































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