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Recent Buys1

  In the last three days, I bought 3 interesting things: coins, Halloween decorations and bread. This time, I want to share what I bought.
  The coins. Actually, they are not really something I bought. To explain it correctly, I got them them at the bank (I EXCHANGED money for them). This is the commemorative2 coin for the enthronement3 of the new emperor. Just last Friday, I found out that they are available now, and I thought it would be nice to celebrate this special moment by getting a few of the special coins.
  It was funny that I felt it was quite a special moment when I walked into my bank. I felt solemn4. When I was filling out5 just a usual money exchange form, I felt solemn. When I received the coins at the counter, I felt solemn. I felt as if I was6 a part of the coronation7 ceremony.

  Halloween displays! A skeleton8 playing a banjo and a skeleton DJ. We seldom go to Don Quixote. Maybe just once a year, but since we seldom go there, it’s fun to look around. This time, our purpose9 as to buy Christmas lights to light up our Jack-o’-lantern because one of our lights didn’t work10any more. 


  That day, we really scored11! We spent just ¥500 on each skeleton. The banjo-playing skelton is really a hit! At the end of his song, he plucks12 one string. It is hilarious! Now every kid who comes to class hits the button when coming in and coming out. Some kids hit the button more than once, and I hear Will go "That’s enooough!". That cracks me up13.


  And finally, Holloween bread. Do you remember that I talked about beetle bread in September? After I went to the bank to get the commemorative coins, I popped into that bakery which is just across from14 the bank, thinking that there may be some bread with a Halloween theme. There they were!
  On Tueday, we had two little lady guests. The bread was the perfect treat15! That bakery never lets me down16.(^-^) Thank you!

1 buy : 購入品
2 commemorative : 記念の
3 enthronement : 即位
4 solemn : 厳かな
5 fill out ~ : ~を記入する
6 feel as if (過去): ~のように思う
7 coronation : 戴冠
8 skeleton : ガイコツ
9 purpose : 目的
10 work : 機能する
11 score : 得をする
12 pluck a string : 弦を弾く
13 crack + + up : ~を笑わせる
◆14 across from ~ :~の反対側に
◆15 treat  : 甘いおやつ
◆16 let + + down :をがっかりさせる













































  ハロウィーンの飾り!バンジョーを弾くガイコツとDJガイコツ。ほとんどドンキ・ホーテに行くことはありません。多分年に1回。でも、ほとんど行かないので、行くとキョロキョロといろんな物を見るのが楽しいんです。今回は、ジャコランタンの明かりにクリスマス用のライトを買いに行きました。いくつかあるライトの 1つが使えなくなったので。 























 火曜日に、2人の可愛いレディを自宅にお迎えしたので、このパンは楽しいおやつになりました!あのパン屋さんは期待を裏切らないですね。(^-^) ありがとうございます!




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