◆Seaside Park BBQ


Seaside Park BBQ (by Will)



The pub where I’m a regular (I eat and sometimes perform with my friend on their stage) had their yearly picnic last Sunday. I’m afraid because of Covid-19 I’m not as regular as1 I used to be, but they were nice enough to invite me anyway.



The BBQ was held at the Seaside Park Adventure Field. Before the tsunami, I sometimes went there for birding2, but this was the first time I’d been there since the disaster3.



It’s really nice! A small building with toilets and a reception desk and a large area for barbecues.



Some people met at the restaurant and carpooled to4 the park but I decided I’d go directly there.


We met at the park around 11:00 and started cooking (the non-cooks like me just watched and drank) right away. There was soup (imoni?), fish and beef and everything in between5. Of course way too much food but we did our best6 to eat it all!


The weather was cool and drizzly7, but we were lucky that it didn’t rain.



Just as we were finishing, the sun came out and revealed a full rainbow!

There was one more treat in store for us9 before we broke up and went home. A group next to us had a shamisen concert!


3 elementary school students gave a concert and many people from all over the park came over to see it. They were really good – it was the icing on the cake10 for a very nice day.


I had a fun day outside, talking and eating11 with my friends from the pub.


1 as ~ as S+V : SがVするくらい~
2 birding = birdwatching
3 disaster  : 災害
4 carpool to ~ : ~へ車で乗り合わせて行く
5 everything in between : 沢山のいろいろもの
6 do one’s best : 最善を尽くす
7 drizzly  : 霧雨模様の
8 in store for ~ : ~のために取っておいてある
9 the icing on the cake : 更に喜ばしいもの
10 S + V, doing  : ~しながら、SはVする





























































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