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Seri Nabe


 Finally, I had Seri Nabe, which I had been wanting to try! If I explained it to an English speaker, I would1 say …. a Japanese stew served in a big pot with thin bouillon2 soup,Tofu, some vegetables and Japanese mushrooms, and especially Seri, a Japanese herby3 green. Whew! Showing a photo would be definitely easier.


  The original plan was a "Meat" party with my friends from elementary school on "Meat Day" which is February, 9. ( In Japanese, we can read Feb. 9th as ni-ku, 2-9, which also sounds like Meat in Japanese). Unfortunately, that plan was cancelled, but one guy said that he and another member of the same class were planning to go and have Seri-Nabe, so people could join them. Some of us decided to join.


  I’m in charge of planning5 the class reunion, but this time, thanks to him, I didn’t have to do anything because he set up the party. AND this was going to be my first experience of Seri Nabe, so I was really excited! Not only that, it’s always fun to get together6 with my friends from elementary school. We had a lot of fun together in those days. Knowing each other’s character since we were kids, it is really relaxing to be together.


  Anyway, Seri Nabe was really fun. The soup was really tasty. And of course, Seri was a nice garnish7 to it. (Well, quite a good amount to be just garnish.) The roots of the Seri were also fun. I will never throw them away from now on!  That night, we kept talking and giggling8 for 5 hours. I had a lot of fun experiencing Seri-Nabe with my old friends.



  The next day, when I went grocery shopping, I bought some Nabe ingredients9 and Seri. I enjoyed Seri-Nabe with Will for the second time.



1 would : ~するだろう
2 bouillon : だし
3 herby : ハーブのような
4 definitely : 絶対に
5 be in charge of doing : ~する責任を負う・担当の
6 get together : 一緒に集まる
7 garnish : 薬味
8 giggle : けらけら笑う
9 ingredient : 材料
2 フランス語。ouが「ゥ」llが y の音で発音されます。英語ではなぜか「ブリヨン」と発音されます。i を読む場所がズレてます!(笑)


































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