◆Slow Life~Spanish Exam


Slow Life~Spanish Exam

  At the end of November, I took the Spanish test, DELE A2, and recently I got the result1. I barely2 made it3. Whew!!. I passed the test, but I made only 0.62 over the passing line.(I know — I have never taken a test which gives us 2 digits4 after the point!)  That’s too scary — I almost had to take the test again!
  Anyway, so far, I have taken 5 Spanish tests — 3 Japanese Spanish exams (Level 6, 5 and 4) and 2 Spanish Spanish exams (DELE A1 and A2). The first one or two times, I was surprised at how long the results take, but after a while, I’ve even kind of started to enjoy the wait5!

  It’s so interesting to see how other cultures look at time.
  As you read at the beginning, for DELE, I had to wait 3 months to get the results. Eiken and TOEIC give us the results in less than 3 WEEKS. When it comes to6 getting the certificate7 of the DELE Spanish exam, last year I had to wait for 10 months! Officially, they say we’ll get the certificate in about one year. I’ll almost forget the fact that I passed!


  When I took the Japanese Spanish test for the first time, all the levels took place8 in one room. I was able to listen to a listening test for another level. Not only that, there was no master CD for the listening test, and the lady who was organizing the test room suddenly stood up and read the questions with a perfect accent. The test paper itself had a handmade feeling, too. I really enjoyed it all.
  Since I have been taking a language exam every year for the last 22 years, I’m accustomed to9 very systematic language tests. Most of them are like that. However, the Spanishs exam are different. It seems to me that they are a bit relaxed, and I really like their relaxed style.
  So, even though I’m made to wait for a long time to get the result of the exam, it doesn’t bother10 me now. I feel like I start hearing…
♪♬"Don’t worry!♪♬
(The result is coming some day.) 
♪♬ Be happy♪♬
(The exam is over!) 

1 result : 結果
2 barely  : かろうじて
3 make it : 達成する
4 digit :
5 wait  : 待ち時間
6 when it comes to ~ : ~のことになると
7 certificate : 証書
8 take place : 行われる
9 be accustomed to ~ : ~に慣れている
10 bother ~ : ~を困らせる















 昨年11月末、DELEのA2レベルのスペイン語検定を受けて、最近、結果が届きました。ギリギリ受かりました。汗!! 検定には合格したものの、合格基準をたかが0.62ポイント超えただけ。(そうですよね。少数第2位まで出るテスト、私も受けたことがないです。) 怖い怖い — 危うくもう一度検定を受けなければならないところでした。






 それは置いといて、今まで、5回スペイン語検定を受けて来ました。3回は日本のスペイン語検定(6級、5級、4級)と2回はスペインのスペイン語検定(DELE A1, A2)。初めの1,2回は結果が出るまでの時間に驚き、そのうちそれをどこかで楽しむようになりました。




























 ♪♬Don’t worry!♪♬


♪♬Be happy♪♬



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