From a very practical point of view1, our house was improved2 recently and we have a very comfortable life now. My recent house project was —- fixing a window and a door!


  There is always something in a house that is not perfect but somehow we learn to get used to3 it and live with it — don’t you agree? In our case, it was a heavy window and a heavy sliding bathroom door, neither of which4 would open easily.
  Since it’s getting hot and we have to open and close windows often, I finally came to the point that5 I couldn’t stand6 that heavy window anymore. With Will’s help, I took the window pane7 off the frame and loosened and tightened the window pane frame and the screws which hold the rollers with a philips head8 to see if9 it would get any better. This didn’t help, but I saw the bottom of the outer frame was really badly scratched. Later, when I went to the home center, I knew I had found the answer. I bought two rollers with hight adjusters. Using one old usable roller, I decided to support the window at three points with three rollers and this lifted the window slightly up. Bingo! It worked!
  Our kiddos can enjoy the breeze from the window any time because it slides so smoothly .
  After this successful experience, the following week I also worked on the heavy sliding door of the bathroom. The rollers were worn10 so badly that I thought they were originally that shape.
                     ↓ See!
 Now they are replaced and the door runs so smoothly. It’s so much fun to go to the bathroom!
  p.s. I now know how much fun it is when everything runs smoothly in our life, so I started oiling the door nobs and the door lock, and even my bike lock — smooth! My smooth campaign will continue a bit more! (^-^)/

1 from a ~ point of view  : ~の視点から
2 be improved  : 改善される
3 get used to ~ : ~に慣れる
4 neither of which  : そのどちらもが~でない
5 come to the point that S + V  : ~が・・・するところまで達する
6 can’t stand ~ : ~が我慢できない 
7 window pane : 窓ガラス一枚
8 philips : プラスドライバー
9 see if S + V : ~が・・・するかどうか見てみる
be worn : 擦り減る

8 マイナスドライバーは a screwdriver




 実用の観点から、最近私たちの家は改善されて、とっても快適な生活を送っています。私の最近のハウス・プロジェクトは — 窓とドアの修繕!








































    ↓ ほらね!



















 p.s. 生活の中で何でもスムーズに動くとこんなに気持ち良いものだと知ってしまった今、ドアの取っ手やロック部分、自転車の鍵にまで、油を付けまくり始めました。本当にスルーっと滑らかです!私の滑らかキャンペーンはもうちょっと続きそう!(^-^)/



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