◆Speaking of Plants,



Speaking of Plants,


   In the last blog, I talked about how much I LOVE plants and I have so many plants, especially succulents1, in my room. Of course, there are a lot outside like in our small garden and in front of our front door.


  Once I start talking about plants, how can I stop? Can I talk a bit more? 


  The latest news of the plants in my room is that the Green Necklace had flowers. I don’t think I had seen their flowers before.2 They are not big. The diameter3 is maybe about 1.2cm. When you get close4, for sure they will take your breath away5. Do you want to see them? Voila!6



  The second latest news of the plants in my room is that there is a newcomer7. I splurged8. I spent almost three times as much as9 I usually spend on succulents, making an excuse10 to myself that I have been working reeeally hard for the last month. f(^-^;)The real name is Huernia Macrocarpa, but I can’ never remember that so I call it by the nickname, Little Monster! After collecting normal succulants, I sometimes enjoy little unique ones.




  The last news is that there is one more new face. So humorous that every time I look at it, it makes me laugh. I always ask it, "why do you want to change direction when a new branch starts shooting out11?" It didn’t come with a name tag, so I call it Mrs. Capricious12.






  Looking at the handmade plant shelves by the window with many beloved13 interesting succulents, I always get excited and I just can’t stop dancing14 in my heart!!





1 succulent : 多肉植物
2 don’ think + 肯定分 : (下記参照)
3 diameter : 直径
4 get close : 近寄る
5 take one’s breath away : (人)をはっとさせる
6 Voila! = Here it is!(フランス語)
7 newcomer : 新顔、新人
8 splurge : 贅沢する
◆9 three times as much as ~ : ~の3倍
10 make an excuse : 口実をつける
11 shoot out : 突き出す
12 capricious : 気まぐれな
13 beloved : 愛されている、愛しい
14 can’t stop doing : ~せざるを得ない

2 日本語は「~じゃないと思う」という話し方をしますが、英語は「~だとは思わない」の発想で文を作ることが多いです。状況にもよりますが、より自然な英語の言い回しを求めるなら I don’t think ~でスタートしてみましょう。ex. △I think that is not right. →〇 I don’t think that is right. (文法的にはどちらも合っていますが、ニュアンスが異なります。)
4 get + 形容詞はよく使われますよ!ex. get tired, get excited, get sleepy, etc.
6 英語を使う人たちもよく使うフランス語。
11 shoot の「打つ」から勢い・スピード感を共有しています。shootはさまざまな意味を持っていますよ。Check them out!























 2つめのニュースは、新顔さん。ちょっと贅沢にお金を使いました。ふだん多肉ちゃんを買う3倍ぐらい。先月死ぬほど頑張って働いたからといかにも正当な理由をくっつけて。f(^-^;) 本当の名前は、フェルニア・マクロカルパという名前らしいのですが、全然思い出せないので、「怪獣くん」というニックネームで呼んでいます。普通の多肉植物をある程度集めてしまうと、ちょっと変わった子が欲しくなるんです。






















































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