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Spooky House & Pumpkin Story


  Trick or treat!!
  Was your house or your town safe from being attacked by zombies?
  Do you know that it is said that Halloween originally comes from a festival called "Samhein" of the Celts1 back in the old days? To make a long story short, it was believed that on the last day of October, the spirits2 of the dead3 come to town. To avoid directly encountering4 the spirits of the dead, people dressed up as ghosts and other scary things so that the spirits wouldn’t notice them as normal living people. People also tried to scare them away5 by setting bonfires6 and carving7 jack-o-lanterns.
  We also protected our house by making it scary, setting Jack-o-lanterns out front, keeping a skelton and skull8 lights in the entrance hall and turning the room dark and spooky9
  … and speaking of Jack-o-lanterns, we lost one pumpkin after we talked about our pumpkins in the blog before. (August, 31). 
  "Why do we have two Jack-o-lanterns, then?" It was thanks to10 our neighbor who also grows pumpkins. He gave us one of his homegrown11 pumpkins. Actually, the two dads, he and Will, always share information about growing pumpkins. They were saying that it was even harder than usual this year. The very wet rainy season and the scorching12 summer really destroyed13 their pumpkins. I think probably we lost about 10 altogether this year. They rotted14.
  … but I know the two pumpkin guys will never give up growing pumpkins because they know that they are not doing this only for themselves. It seems that people walking by enjoy looking at the pumpkins growing. Kids, of course, shout, "Look at those pumpkins!" We often have a chance to talk with people – the pumpkins are great conversation starters.
  Even when I went for an interview at a conversation school a few years ago to get a job teaching French, the head teacher, who gave me an interview, looked at my résumé (which says where I live and who I live with. We can write a little personal stuff14 when writing a résumé in English.) and said, "Oh! Are you from the family who grows huge pumpkins?"
 You never know when and where or how our pumpkins will connect people!

1 the Celts : ケルト人
2 spirits : 霊・魂
3 the dead  : 死人(the+形)
4 encounter  : ~に遭遇する
5 scare ~ away : ~を怖がらせて追い払う
6 bonfire : かがり火
7 carve  : ~を彫る
8 skull  : 頭蓋骨
◆9 spooky : 不気味な
thanks to ~  : ~のお陰で
homegrown  : 家で育てた
scorching : 焼け付くような
13 destroy : ~を台無しにする
14 stuff = things




 Trick or Treat!!













































































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