◆Swans Again


Swans Again

  Suddenly it got cold! It’s always hard to accept this change, isn’t it? Even though1 we experience transition2 periods of the seasons several times a year, this is the hardest one because we have to face the long cold winter.
  However, on the earth, there are some creatures3 who don’t mind this cold weather. This year again, in two different groups, the swans have arrived at the Hirose River!
  How can they look so relaxed, dipping4 their feet in the icy5 cold water??? I can’t believe it! Their elegant appearance always fills me with wonder. Don’t you feel it, too?
  However, we can’t meet them if the winter doesn’t come . So when I see them, I feel ready to live in the winter from now on6.
  Last week, there were just 4, and just yesterday I counted 12: 6 adult swans and 6 gray kiddlings7 (called cygnets8).
  On this day, I also saw pintail ducks (Onaga  gamo) and spot-billed ducks (Karugamo). Just next to them, another group of spot-billed ducks were feeding on the grass.
 (↑pintail ducks)
 (spot-billed ducks)
 (spot-billed ducks)
  I’m sure that still more swans are coming to the Hirose River. When I hear them honking9 and playing together splashing in the water, I feel like the winter is not so bad!


1 even though : ~だけれども
2 transition : 変遷
3 creature : 生き物
4 dip : 浸す
◆5 icy  : 氷のような
◆6 from now on : 今から
◆7 kiddling = kids
8 cygnet : 白鳥の幼鳥
◆9 honk : (ガンの鳴き声)

7 フランス語でも白鳥は cygne(スィンニュ)なんですよ。英語の場合は、et を付けて「小さい」を意味しています。だから、子どもの白鳥ということになるんですね。

















































































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