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That Day Again


  My friend who I go on the flower shopping spree with had been telling me that she wants to see our garden. She is busy and I’m also busy, so it hadn’t happened for a long time. Probably the last time she visited our house was 5 years ago or so1.


  One morning last week, I didn’t have to go to college because the students had a health check-up2. I thought this is the chance to invite her, so I contacted her. "Really? Luckily, I’m off3 that day —I’m coming!" she wrote to me excitedly.


  On the day she came, it was really sunny. This season, all it takes is4 the sun to come out to make us happy, but when she came to our house and we stood in the garden looking at the flowers and talking about the flowers, we felt even happier. In the old days5, she and Will and I were all working at the same place, so they also had fun chatting6 together for the first time in a few years7. ( She and I meet for sure8 during Golden Week every year.)


  I also showed her my collection of succulants in my room and gave her some. We not only go flower shopping together, but we exchange plants on our own.


  After she spent some time at our house, we jumped on bikes and rode along the Hirose River in some very nice summer-like sunshine and headed9 for lunch at an Italian restaurant. Of course, along the river and near the restaurant, we all the time kept looking at flowers around us.  


  We really enjoyed our lunch at a terrace table, and we were both astonished at Hoh-ji tea jello they served for dessert. (I want to eat that again!)



  We did all this in just 3 hours. It was a bit hectic10 but we enjoyed every moment just like our flower shopping day.


  Late in the afternoon, between my classes, I made herb tea that she had blended and given to me. To enjoy my day like this on a weekday is such a precious11 thing. I reeeally had a good day!





1 the last time S + v was ~ : 最後にSがVしたのは~だった
2 a health check-up : 健康診断
3 be off : 仕事がない
4 all it takes is ~ : 必要なのは~だけ
5 in the old days :
6 have fun doing : ~して楽しむ
7 for the first time in ~ : ~の間で初めて
8 for sure : 必ず・確かに
head : 向かう
10 hectic : てんてこ舞いの
11 precious : 貴重な

7 「懐かしい」「ひさしぶり」のような言葉は、英語でピッタリの表現がないので、どうしても説明的な言い回しになってしまいます。今回の「しばらくぶり」も「~年の間で初めて」という表現で雰囲気を出すしかないんです。













































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