◆The Last Supper

The Last Supper





  You might feel it looks like The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci but different, especially the color. You know why? — Believe it or not1, it was drawn — or made — by masking tape!


  Our friend and 3 other artists made it on the wall of the cafe, PICNICA, where artists and art lovers hang out2.


  When I met him the last time, he showed me this photo. It was SO COOL that I wanted to see it in person3.(Sorry the show is over.) It was amazing! And also, it was amazing that they were  so relaxed about their art and welcomed other people to join in4 and add something to this masterpiece5 of masking tape art.

  When I went to this cafe toward the end of the event, the piece had quite a dynamism6 which everybody’s taste or humor was added to.(Will liked the string telephone7  which goes in front of Jesus.) While I was having a drink at the table, I was also asked to join in. I thought about it quickly, and I humbly participated by adding a little something in the photo below.


  Our friend is the guy who organized a wool felt "workshop" at our house for New Year almost 3 years ago now. (See my blog on January 7, 2012. He made a porcupine8 and an owl ! ) If you want to see his artwork, take a look at his homepage at http://takedasuguru.jimdo.com/  I guarantee9 you will enjoy a wide range of10 his talent.



◆1 Believe it or not, : (信じなれないようなことを持ちだすときに)
◆2 hang out
: 寄り集まる
◆3 in person : 直接
◆4 welcome + 人 + to do : 人が~するのを歓迎する
◆5 masterpiece : 傑作
◆6 dynamism : 活気
◆7 string telephone
: 糸電話
◆8 porcupine : ハリネズミ
◆9 guarantee : ~を保証する
◆10 a wide range of ~ : 広い範囲の~















 レオナルド・ダ・ビンチの「最後の晩餐」のようだけど、どこか違うと感じますよね?特に、色彩が。何故か分かりますか? — なぜなら、な、なんと!これはマスキングテープで描かれている(作られている?)からなんですよー!





















 私たちの友人というのは、約3年前ほど私たちの家でお正月に羊毛フェルト講習会をしてくれた人です。(2012,1,7のブログを見てみてください。ハリネズミとフクロウを作った人です!)彼の作品を見たい方は、彼のホームページ(http://takedasuguru.jimdo.com/ )を訪ねてみてください。多岐に渡る彼の才能が楽しめちゃうこと間違いなしです。 










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