◆The Next New Generations


The Next New Generations


  If you have stepped into my room, you can tell that I’m a bit of plant fanatic1. I have a huge collection of leafy2 plants, especially succulants3. It gets beyond my control4 sometimes, but you know people can’t stay rational5 when we love something, right?
  When I see my plants are growing too much, I cut their branches and start growing the next generation. In several spots in the house, I had been keeping some cut brances6 in water to enjoy seeing them and also to root7 them at the same time.
 I knew that many of them are ready to be planted because they have stretched out8 new roots, but I was busy and too lazy to plant them. I have been feeling guilty9 because they were waiting to get into the soil. Finally, I planted them in pots with soil. (Yay! You managed to10 get out of the water!!)
  Now, they look happy!
  Happy like this! (We harvested 2 rasberries and a cucumber from our garden this morning. They are the first harvest of the year!)


1 fanatic : 熱狂的愛好家
2 leafy  : 葉の多い
3 succulant : 多肉植物
4 beyond one’s control : 制御できる範囲を超えて
5 rational  : 合理的な
6 branch :
7 root  : ~を根付かせる
8 stretch out ~  : ~を伸ばす
9 feel guilty : 悪いと思う
◆10 manage to do : うまく~する




































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