◆The Only Flower in the World


The Only Flower in the World!

  Now we live every day with our attention on COVID-191. Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to have a positive mind, isn’t it? However, since everybody in the world is facing the same situation and living with the same feeling, we all have to do our best to live peacefully! We are in the same boat2!
  One thing which helps me and gives me happy moments is a colorful paper flower. On the shelf in my teaching room, I keep it. I like its vivid color which gives me energy, but I like it more because a little lady made it and gave it to me!
  One day, when she came to the class, she brought 5 paper flowers, and she explained to me that she had made them with her mom. They were all in different colors3 and there were several different kinds. Among them, there were maybe 2 which looked skillfully4 made, which, according to the little lady, her mom had done.
  After she showed them to me, she said very generously5, "I’ll give you one. You can choose the one you want!"
  I was surprised that she said I could choose ANY. Remembering how I was when I was a kid, probably I would have kept the one which I really liked and chosen the one I liked less, and given THAT one to another person. However, not in her case6


  So when I see this flower, I remember how sweet7 she is. That warms up my heart.

1 COVIT-19 : コロナウィルス
2 be in the same boad  : 同じ境遇にある
3 in (color) : ~色で
4 skillfully : 上手に
5 generously  : 気前よく
6 in one’s case : ~の場合は
7 sweet = kind














































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