◆Two Happy Things Today


Two Happy Things Today


 Today, it was the first day of school of the 2nd semester. In the 1st semester, I used to have 4 classes on Tuesday, which is a full schedule at school, and after that I used to come back home quickly, close my eyes for a minute, practice the saxophone for 20 minutes, shove some food in1, jump on2 my bike, and go to my saxophone class. (On Tuesday nights, I try to keep my schedule open for myself, except when I have to squeeze3 in a class.)


 This semester, I have 1 fewer class on Tuesday at college and that allows4 me to leave there a little early. Although tonight I had one make-up class at home which was very important for my student because the EIKEN is coming this Sunday and I decided not to go5 to my saxophone class, I’ve got some spare6 time!


  Having some time free, especially on a regular working day, is very precious7. Not only that, since my brain is already active, it is easy to jump into8 something. I can use the time very effectively.  


  After my classes at school, I left there with my friend. We were both on bikes and headed9 in the same direction. To share a little more time with her, I took a street which is different from my regular path. She said, "I’ll drop by10 a cafe where we can buy good doughnuts. Do you wanna come in with me?" I knew that there was an interesting cafe there, but I hadn’t been there. Of course, I said, "Oh, I’d love to." I got some doughnuts for after dinner.


  After the cafe, she was going to buy some Miso at the miso shop on the same street. Again, she asked me, "Do you want to drop by the miso shop, too?" First, I went "Um", but I thought this is a great chance to enjoy something new, so I changed my mind quickly and said "Sure!" She brought her own miso container and bought miso by weight. I bought a packet of miso. (I envy her because it looked like so much fun to buy miso like that. You know, like buying Tofu in your own bowl in the neighborhood shop, just like the good old days11 in the Showa Era. Next time, I’ll do that!)



  Anyway, thanks to my friend, I really enjoyed the little local shops. They are quite heart-warming12, and it was fun to discover something new. I want to enjoy more days like this!




1 shove ~ in  : ~掻き込む
2 jump on ~  : ~に飛び乗る
3 squeeze : ~を押し込む
4 allow + 人 + to do  : 人に~させる
5 decide not to do  : ~しないことにする
6 spare : 空いた、余分の
7 preciouse : 貴重な
8 jump into ~ : 急に~をやり出す
9 head : 向かう、進む
10 drop by ~ : ~に立ち寄る
◆11 good old days : 古き良き時代
◆12 hear-warming : 心温まる










































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