◆Want a Treat?


Want a Treat?


  I subscribe to1 several mail magazines about French language learning and Spanish language learning. As I was thumbing through2 a French mail magazine on my smartphone, an unusual word came into my sight3 — Choco Ball Ice Cream. What???
  The author writes blogs about many things; French, books, daily topics. I touched the URL under the word "Choco Ball Ice Cream" and jumped to another blog of his. There he showed a cute package of this product and talked about it.
  Who can resist4 after seeing this!
  After I saw it, I went to Family Mart. ( I don’t know if other convenience stores carry it.) As the automatic door opened, (trying not to bonk5 my head on the door, hurrying,) I rushed into6 the store and made a beeline to7 the ice cream section. Wow! Many Kyoro-chans were waiting for me!!
  It was not so expensive,¥172 tax included. One box has 5 pieces. I preciously8 brought that cute box home like a small kid who got a favorite treat at the supermarket. I waited until night and ate it after dinner as a treat9 with Will, who actually loves Choco Ball Caramel and often throws a box into the cart at the supermarket. 
  Each piece of Choco Ball Ice Cream has one regular Choco Ball inside, so we kind of enjoyed a treasure hunt10 while enjoying ice cream at the same time11!

  Do you want to have some small pleasure in your life? You should give these a try! (^-^)


1 subscribe to ~ : ~を購読する
2 thumb through  : さっと読む
3 come into one’s sight : ~の目に飛び込む
4 resist : 抵抗する・我慢する
5 bonk  : ~をぶつける
6 rush into ~ : ~に駆け込む
7 make a beeline to ~  : 一直線に~へ向かう
8 preciously  : 大切に
9 a treat : 楽しみにするもの
◆10 a treasure hunt : 宝探し
11 at the same time  : 同時に




 私はフランス語を学ぶためのメールマガジンとスペイン語を学ぶためのメールマガジンをいくつか購読しているのですが、スマホでフランス語のメールマガジンをささっと読んでいたら、見慣れない言葉が目に飛び込んできたのです。— チョコボールアイス。なになに???
















































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