◆Warming our House!


Warming Our House


 It’s not just Xmas tree and lights which warm up our house. Now our bedding is improved1 and we are enjoying our life with warm bedding. Yeah!


  In this cold season, how comfortable we can sleep at night is quite a big issue, isn’t it? I fixed this problem pretty well, not spending much money. I found some good stuff for a good deal2 at the store whose commercial goes "more than the price". They have many things made from newly developed materials, which can keep us warm during the night – thanks to modern technology.



 Actually, I realize that I often change the bedding in December when we are getting close to Christmas. I bought some down3 comforters4 before, and another time I bought pillow cases and comforter covers in warm colors. I guess I have a natural call/need to live warmly and happily through this cold season.


  Also, last weekend, we took all of our bedding to the laundromat5 with huge washing machines. (It’s amazing that nowadays we can wash blankets and down comforters so easily at the landromat.) We washed them and dried them there. Since we used the dryer long enough, the mites6 are dead for sure7


  Now, with our bed so clean and full of warm things, it’s so much fun to snuggle into8 the bed at night and we sleep so comfortably until the morning. Even when I’m half asleep early in the morning, I awake to find myself sleeping in a nice, warm and comfortable bed and my happiness comes rushing back to me again, …and so does Tasha!




1 be improved : 改善される
2 for a good deal : 安い値段で
3 down : 羽毛の
4 comforter : (掛け布団
5 laudromat : コインランドリー
6 mite(s) : ダニ
7 for sure : 確実に
8 snuggle into ~ : 体を丸めて~に潜り込む
2 dealはもとは「取引」の意味。値段が安いという意味に通じるのは、売買の取引がお客さんにとって「いい」=「安い」となるからですね。
4 upper futonなんて我が家では呼ぶこともあります。言葉を見て分かるように「上に掛ける」という意味は何もないですよね。あくまでふかふかしていて「心地いいもの」という発想ですから。co"m"fort とb,m,p(両唇音=上下の唇を使って作る音)以外の文字の前にmを置くというのは珍しいスペリングです!






































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