◆What I Learned from my Doc


What I Learned from my Doc

  Recently, I had my 6-month check-up on my thyroid1 at the University Hospital. I’m not diagnosed with2 Basedow’s disease nor Hashimoto thyroiditis. My thyroid is functioning normally, but somehow my brain doesn’t produce enough thyroid stimulating3 hormone.
  This time, unusually, my doctor suggested that I get another test — just to be safe. So I went back to the University Hospital again, on another day and in another department and had a cytodiagnosis4.
  My new doctor was female and looked pretty, intelligent and also very gentle. She explained to me in a really gentle manner how my thyroid condition was and what she was going to do. She said that she needed to take a sample from my thyroid. (Uh-oh!) She told me the needle is the size of the one they use to get a blood sample and it would prick5 me a little…
  I had never experience a cytodiagnosis, so I was a little scared. But it was so interesting that when I lay down on the bed, I had no fear at all. I was feeling that I was in her hands6 since I was kind of7 mesmerized8 by her dignified appearance as a doctor and her attitude that she knows what she is doing. To my relief, it wasn’t bad at all (even though I didn’t get anesthesia! )
  After that, while I was in the hospital to make the payment, this experience was still going around and around9 in my head. I was enjoying this sensation that somebody is there to help me, knowing what to do to me and I feel really assured10 by that person and I can believe in her.
  I was so moved by her and I started thinking that I want to be like her : of course not in the same field, but in my field —which is teaching foreign languages. I told myself that I should learn more to build up more knowledge and teaching skills and give proper advice11 and I want to be a language teacher who can make my students feel that it is right to be in my hands.
  When I see this photo, I should remember what I promised myself!! This experience gave me more than just a prickle! Thank you!

1 thyroid : 甲状腺
2 be diagnosed with ~  : ~と診断される
3 stimulating : 刺激となる
4 citodiagnoses : 細胞診
5 prick  : ちくっとする
be in one’s hands : ~の掌中にある
7 kind of : みたいな
8 be mesmerized : 魅惑される
9 go around and around : ぐるぐる巡る
10 feel assured  : 安心する
11 give advice : アドバイスをする

11 advice(「アドバイス」「忠告」)































 その後、支払いの済ませるのにしばらく病院にいたのですが、その間経験したばかりのこの事がずっと頭の中をぐるぐる巡っていました。私を助けるために、私に何を施すべきかを知っている人がそばにいて、私はその人に守られている安堵感があり、全てを委ねようと信じることが出来る — こんな気持ちにさせられるなんて本当に凄いという思いが全く消えませんでした。














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