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What Will Showed Me

 The other day, when Will came back from a bird watching trip1 with his friend, he showed me some interesting photos from his day.
  This time, he went to Onuma at the Agricultural2 Center and saw some birds. He saw some Great Crested3 Grebes4. According to him, for the past several years, some Great Crested Grebes have nested there. They are here year round, often on the ocean, but nest in freshwater5.

 Just like the Egrets6, which we talked about in the blog 3 issues7 ago, Great Crested Grebes are also in breeding8 plumage9. Will said they are always pretty, but if you can see one in breeding plumage – they are magnificent10!

  Yes, they are! From the side, it looks cool11, but from the front, it looks even cooler! (By the way, its head is quite12 similar to13 that of Rockhopper Penguin, isn’t it? (^0^) )
  Looking at the pictures, I spotted a weird14 silhouette around his neck, and as Will thumbed through15 more photos on his digital camera, I saw an even funnier silhouette.
  This is why — cuties16!! It was doing a piggy back17. (I thought only pigs do piggy back! Oh, I mean human beings.) … but how come they are in  baby White Tiger pattern?
  Anyway, they also train the babies to swim, too. What a nice shot! It’s nice to be a family!!
  p.s. Will told me the Papa birds and the Mama birds both piggy back their babies. They are also practicing18 "worksharing"!

1 trip : 外出
2 agricultural : 農業の
3 crested :とさかのある
4 greve : カイツブリ
5 freshwater : 淡水
6 egret : サギ
7 issue : 出版物、~豪
8 breed :繁殖する
9 plumage :
10 magnificent : 素晴らしい
11 cool : 格好いい
12 quite : かなり
13 similar to : ~に似ている
14 weird = strange
15 thumb through ~ : 親指で~をサッとめくる
16 cutie : 可愛い子
17 a piggy back : おんぶ
18 practice : 実行する

1 「コンビニに行ってくる。」と言う時も、"I’ll make a trip to the convenience store."なんてサラッと言ってしまいます。「旅」ではないんですね~!
6 犬のブリーダーもコレです!
13 ピタッと同じは the same as ~。
































































 理由はコチラ — カワイ子ちゃんたち!!子どもたちをおんぶしていたんです。(ブタだけがピギーバック(おんぶ)をするのかと思っていました。あ、人間がってことですけど)…それにしても、なぜホワイトタイガーの赤ちゃんのような模様なのでしょう?























 p.s. パパ鳥とママ鳥両方とも、赤ちゃんをおんぶするんだと、ウィルに教えてもらいました。鳥たちもワークシェアリングですね!


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