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White Day Riddle1


  Now, here is the question. Can you guess how you read this?


  On the morning of White Day, I found this on the table in the living room. I was happy to find something prepared for me and, of course, I knew this message was related to White Day, but I couldn’t figure it out2.


  According to the instructions by the person who made this message, the arrow3 is a hint to the middle word. What’s it pointing to? Finally, I was told it is pointing to the color inside the circle, so we should read it Happy White Day! Wow! The message was simple, but it was a bit complicated4. (^-^;)


  When I was taking the photo, our cat was passing by5 (actually, she always shows up somewhere when I have a camera ready). Not only that, when I was getting the camera ready, our dog stole one of the croissants off the table.


  A silly6 joke, a cat tail which blocks the screen and one missing croissant — you can see the reality of our life in this one shot!


  Speaking of White Day, thank you very much for everyone who gave chocolate to Will on Valentine’s Day. I, as his wife, really appreciate7 your heartwarming gifts. I guess Will probably bragged8 to everyone, but this year he made banana cake in return for9 everyone’s kindness. For the first bunch10, I supervised11 him, but for the second bunch, he made it by himself while I was sleeping on the couch. Next year, maybe he can bake them even better!



1 riddle : なぞなぞ
2 figure out : ~を理解する
3 arrow : 矢印
4 complicated : 複雑な
5 pass by : 通り過ぎる
6 silly : 可笑しな・馬鹿な
7 appreciate : ~に感謝する
8 brag : 自慢する
9 in return for  : ~のお返しに
10 bunch : かたまり・一回分の量
11 supervise : ~を監督する





















 くだらない冗談に、画面を隠す猫のしっぽ、なくなったクロワッサン — この一枚の写真の中に、私たちの現実が映し出されています!(笑)





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