◆Will’s Find



Will’s Find


  Look at this! Do you know what it is?


  An old Japanese coin, Kan-ei Tsu-ho from the Edo era1. The other day, after Ichigo’s walk, Will found it just in the dirt2 next to our house.


  Unfortunately, it was bent3 and split4, but actually that makes me wonder what this coin has been through5 all this time.


  When I look at the old coin, my imagination can’t stop. I wonder who dropped it. I wonder in what situation that person lost it and how much he/she tried to find it.


  To tell the truth, this is not the first time Will found a Kan-ei Tsu-ho. Before the big earthquake, Will enjoyed metal-detecting for a while. According to him, back home6, it’s not rare for people to pursue this hobby.


  Around that time, he found many interesting things.



  1-sen coins from different times. (from the left, Showa, year 12, year 15, and Taisho, year 11)


 5 yen coins without a hole in the center (Showa, year 23)


 These are kept nicely in his treasure box like a little boy.



  Just one more thing at the end. I learned the Sendai clan also made Kan-ei Tsu-ho. Wow! I bet7 Will would like to find one of those!



1 era : 時代
2 dirt : 土
3 bent : bend(曲がる)の過去分詞
4 split : split(割れる)の過去分詞
5 be through : ~を通ってくる
6 back home : 故郷で
◆7 I bet = I’m sure












































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