◆Will’s Find(2)



Will’s Find(2)


  Following the last blog, Will found another treasure1! — A bird nest. His life seems exciting, getting finds one after another2!


  He said he found this while he was cleaning bird houses for their new nesting season.


  Will put it on the shelf next to the front door, so when I came home, it caught my eye3. It warmed up the entrance area of our house maybe because we can see life in it. You know somebody used to live there, so my imagination keeps expanding4. I wonder if the last egg was an unfertilized egg5. Probably it was because it was left in the nest. 


  When I see a bird nest, I always feel it is amazing that those birds elaborately6 make these nests, by carrying twigs7 one by one8 with those tiny beaks9, flying back and forth10. They even know how to make nests soft and warm.


  Now Will is busy cleaning the bird houses and he is also cutting the vines on the cherry tree near our house so the tree can prosper. Can’t wait for the spring!! Tomorrow, it’s March!!


1 treasure : 宝物
2 one after another : 次々と
3 catch one’s eye : ~の目に留まる
4 expand : 広がる
5 an unfertilized egg : 無精卵
6 elaborately : 入念に
7 twig : 小枝
8 one by one : 一つずつ
9 beaks :
10 back and forth : 行ったり来たり



 前回のブログに引き続き、ウィルはまた宝物を見つけました! —  鳥の巣です。次々に発見するものがあって、何か楽しそうだなぁ!




















 ウィルは今、忙しそうに鳥の巣箱の掃除をしています。そして、木がちゃんと成長出来るようにと、近くの桜の木に這った蔦を切っています。春が待ち遠しいですね!! 明日はもう3月!!




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