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Will’s Vacation (by Will)


  This spring, I had a great vacation in the US. My kid is living there and going to school, and lives with a very dear friend of mine and his wife. While I was there, on the mornings when my kid was at school, Tim took me out birding1.


  Tim isn’t a birdwatcher (no matter how much I pester2 him) but showed what a great friend he is by taking me to MANY great spots.


While it’s usually true that you can’t go birding with a non-birder3, Tim was such a great sport4 that he almost never complained or demanded that I get in5 the car6. With a promise of lunch ‘in just a little while’, he could enjoy the birds just as much as I did7!


One of the reasons that birding in a new place is so much fun is that EVERY bird you see is new. Even the birds that come to the window are exciting! 


(It’s a Black Pheobe)

a Blue bird


These guys were everywhere!




Here’s a very California scene. 

(Brown Pelicans).


This was such a great trip. I got to hang around with8 my kid and Tim and his wife and go birding almost every day.

I saw about 80 species9 and around 25 of them were lifers10! (My first time to see them.)

I haven’t asked him, but I’m sure Tim hopes I’ll come back soon so we can do it again.


1 take out doing  : ~しに人を連れ出す
2 pester  : ~にせがむ
3 birder = bird watcher
4 sport : どんな状況にも合わせて楽しんでくれる人
5 get in ~ : (車)に乗る
6 demand that S + do : (仮定法現在) 
7 as much as S + V : SがVするのと同じくらい
8 hang around with ~ : ~と一緒にいる
9 speicies : (生物の)種 
10 lifer : 人生で初めて見る種類

5 ふつう乗り物に乗るときは、get on ~ ですが、車は小さい“空間”に入るのでget in ~ になります。ちなみに、車から降りるときは、“空間”から出て来るイメージでget out of ~ になります。
6 TOEICで時々出題されるかたちですね。demand, order, requireなどなんとなく強いメッセージを持つ言葉に多くみられるパターンです。一般に、イギリス英語はshould + do 、アメリカ英語ではdo を用いると言われています。ですから、Sにhe/she/it が来ても、動詞にs がつきませんので要注意!


































































 約80種類の鳥を観ましたよ。そして、そのうちの25種類ぐらいが人生初の鳥でした!ティムにまだ聞いていないけど、きっと僕がまたすぐ戻って来て同じことをするのを望んでいるんだろうなぁ~。(Rie・・・そうだといいね~。あなたに振り回されて疲れたなぁなんて思ってないといいけど・・・。いかにも、日本人的発想(^-^;) )













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