◆Xmas in Summer?


Xmas in Summer?


 Yesterday was that kind of day… I got presents from people!

 One present was biscuits1 from France. One of the students in my French class gave them to me. They were a souvenir from Reims. Reims is in the Champagne district2. Yes, they produce champagne3! She told me people dip these biscuits in champagne and eat them. I’d like to get some champagne and try that during this Obon break!  



  I also got some fresh cucumbers and egg plants from my friend. On Saturday night, she and I and some other people sometimes play badminton. Yesterday she told me she just came back from her parents’ house just before badminton. Obviously4, her father is a good farmer. I heard he grows many different kinds of vegetables. 


  This morning, I decided to use them for breakfast. Oh my, oh my! I have never experienced cutting egg plants like that. THEY WERE CRISPY! The cutting sound was different and, of course, how the knife goes through was totally different. In my image, egg plants have a softer texture5. Now I realize that I live in the world filled with store-bought6 vegetables. /(rへr;)  


  The cucumbers were no doubt7 in the crispiest condition. It was fun just to bite8 them. I prepared spicy Miso paste and everybody in the family enjoyed the taste, crispiness, and the sound of fresh cucumbers at the breakfast table.


  Thank you, people!


1 biscuit  : 英語読みではビスケット
2 district  : 地方
3 champagne : 英語読みではシャンペイン
4 obviously  : 明らかに・言うまでもなく
5 texture : 質感
6 store-bought : 店で買った 
7 no doubt : 疑いなく・確かに
8 bite : ~をかじる













































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