◆Xmas is coming


Xmas Is Coming

  It’s our tradition to decorate the house for Christmas on the first Sunday in December. To be correct, at least we put out the Christmas tree, and after that, finding a little spare time1 in a day, we make our house more Christmasy2 gradually3.
  Of course, the first little kiddo who enjoys this Xmas preparation is Tasha. Soon after we put out the tree, we hear rustling4 and the tree starts shaking — and there she is!
  At the very end of decorating the Christmas tree, it’s our ritual5 (Will decided!) for the two of us to hang the paper-mâché6 Ganesh and 2 other Hindu gods on the tree together, which we bought in Nepal when we were backpacking7 during our honeymoon. Then, we can say our Xmas tree is complete8! (It’s a bit weird9 to have Hindu gods on the tree, but since the Christmas tree has a lot of decorations, they don’t stand out10! )

  This year, Will is proud of his Santa, so I’ll share this photo. In the entrance hall11, every year he decorates the shelf with his collection of metal antique figures for this season. This year, Santa and the reindeer12 are flying in the sky!
  As for13 me, I’m super busy making14 Santa hats and snow ball cookies. Like Santa Clause, I need some elves to help me!! (Elves are Santa’s helpers. They make presents for kids.)

1 spare time : 隙間時間・空いた時間
2 Christmasy : クリスマスっぽい
3 gradually : 徐々に
4 rustle : ガサガサ音を立てる
5 ritual  : しきたり、儀式
6 paper-mâché : 張り子の(形)
7 backpack :バックパックを背負って旅行する
8 complete : 完成した(形)
9 weird = strange
10 stand out : 目立つ
11 the entrance hall : 玄関
12 reindeer : トナカイ
13 as for ~ : ~に関しては
◆14 be busy doing : ~して忙しい
6 mâchéとは、フランス語のmâcher(嚙む・紙を引きちぎる)の過去分詞形。発音は「マシェ」。英語では、「エ」で終わる言葉がないため、「マシェィ」と変えて発音される。

















































































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