Monthly Archives: 2月 2012

Swan Report from Hirose River 2

Swan Report from Hirose River 2      It’s really interesting to see animals behaving just like people. While I was taking photos of swans, some started making noises and playing quite aggressively1 ( Maybe it was more like2 fighting ).      Then, some other swans swam close to them quickly as if they [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day      I bet1 everybody had at least one piece of nice chocolate today.    Will is surrounded by such nice ladies who care about him, so he got a lot of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. ( Thank you, everybody ! ) He reeealy loves chocolate. Once he starts eating, he can’t [...]

Swan Report from Hirose River 1

Swan Report from Hirose River 1      This year, again, a group of swans are wintering1 on the Hirose River. Can you believe it ? Right in the city where there are many houses and many cars passing by2.     Knowing the ballet "Swan Lake" or the famous swamp3/lake, "Izunuma", ( registered in the [...]