Monthly Archives: 4月 2012

◆Speaking of charming names…

Speaking of charming names… (after "Trip to Seattle 4")       I wrote quite a lot1 about Seattle so far. So, first I thought I should stop writing about it. Then, I was planning to write about "this" when summer comes — when people start going to the beach, but I kind of2 feel [...]

◆Trip to Seattle 4

Trip to Seattle 4 (postscript)      Hi, there !1 We are already back2 in Sendai. However, since I still have something to write about3, this series will continue.      As I mentioned before, our house is not exactly in Seattle but on an island. According to Grandpa, it is the longest island in [...]

◆Trip to Seattle 3

Trip to Seattle 3       We went to downtown Seattle. Every year we go to Pike Place Market for fun and I go in the 1st Starbucks coffee shop to check what kind of tumblers they’ve got1. ( Some of the readers might know that I’m a Starbucks tumbler collector! )     [...]