Monthly Archives: 6月 2012

◆In the Open Air

In the Open Air                                          This was the highlight of the day !!    In the soft orangish1 light of the sunset, over our neighbor’s roof, and over another neighbor’s cherry tree, I found one big shadow [...]

◆Tricolor TV Tower

Tricolor TV Tower             Something quotidian1 — We sometimes forget to appreciate2 those things, don’t we? Even though it could be something nice, its value can be lost when we live our lives as a routine3.       Especially because there are no holidays in June, my life tends [...]

◆Our Business Sign

Our Business Sign       Hooray !1 I finally did it !!  How many days had it been bothering me? How many times did I look at that from the corner of my eye2, thinking that "I’ve got to do it." However, I finally fixed our business sign, and now it looks good!   [...]