Monthly Archives: 12月 2012

◆New Year’s Eve Cake

New Year’s Eve Cake                                            In the last couple of years, our kid makes a cake on New Year’s Eve1. This year, a humongous2 strawberry cake! Yum yum!                                   It’s taller than the cake at "Italian Tomato." Since it’s so tall, it started to tilt3 like the Leaning [...]

◆A Christmas Present Came to Ichigo

A Christmas Present Came to Ichigo               It’s a bit early, but our dog, Ichigo, got a Christmas present ! ( …and ate some already! ) "Merry Christmas, Ichigo! "     One of my students who goes to high school brought this Santa’s boot for our canine1 daughter. Look at [...]

◆Yellow Carpet

Yellow Carpet               It was so spectacular1!  What a sight! When a part of this yellow carpet peeked out2 from the opening of the hedge3, I stopped my bike, stepped into the area and walked around for 10 minutes.    Actually I’ve been wanting to take some photos of ginko trees4 [...]