Monthly Archives: 3月 2013


Coming home to Seattle 2                          Today I’m going to talk about animlas here.    On Whidbey Island, we can see many animals. From our living room, we saw a deer, maybe 50 meters away from us. While we were driving on the highway, we saw sheep, lamas, ponies, horses, and cows. I even [...]


Coming home to Seattle 1                              This year again, we are back1 in Seattle. (Our dog is staying home with a house-sitter.) As our child gets older, it’s getting harder to find time off2 to come over to the states, but we can’t let go of3 the only chance to have a family [...]

◆A Sign of Spring

A Sign of Spring 2013                               Last year, I wrote about butterburs1 under the same title. This year, horsetails which came out of the cracks2 of the concrete!                It’s been unusually warm and we started enjoying the spring sunshine already. The report of  the cherry-blossom front3 is making the [...]

◆White Day

White Day 2013                               This year again, before White Day, Will got a little hectic1. He went to the store to get some stuff2 and two more times after that he ran back, and finally a nice smell started to fill the whole house.        What came out of the oven [...]