Monthly Archives: 8月 2013

◆Still Growing!

Still Growing!                          Our pumkins this year!  Number 1….              and number 2             and we still have one more, a bit smaller than these. You can tell how big they are if you see my iphone next to them.       This year there was an [...]

◆Summer Project

Summer Project                          Almost every year during the Obon break, we do a house project. This year, we attacked the kitchen!      The biggest push that drove us to take action1 for this was our 16-year-old fridge that had to be changed. We’ve been talking about fixing the kitchen floor for the last [...]

◆Finally Summer

Finally Summer!                          We had such a long rainy season. The laundry always stayed1 wet, every corner in the room was moldy2. This damp3 weather was really long this year, wasn’t it? However, finally the time to say good bye to that has come! Yeah! Plus a weekend! Yeah!     This morning, which [...]