Monthly Archives: 10月 2013

◆Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013                               Ta da !!     With these Jack-o-lanterns, our house is well guarded!  Even our neighbor made 6 of them and put them outside, so the whole neighborhood is protected from the dead1 — they can’t attack us, the living2. ( My friend whom I sent these photos to [...]

◆Will’s Outing!

Will’s Outing1  (written by Will)      My friend Paul and I don’t get out as much as we used to. We’re both really busy, but last Monday we both had the whole day off and set out for2 a day of birding.       This is the wader3 migration4 season, and a really [...]

◆The Craft Fair 2013

The Craft Fair 2013                               This weekend there was a craft fair downtown. Our close friend, who is from Canada and has lived here for a long time, had a booth there, so we visited her.     It was drizzling1 a little bit, but the place was hopping with2 people. There [...]