Monthly Archives: 8月 2014

◆White Black Thunder?

White Black Thunder?     Recently, I got to know1 that Black Thunder is a really popular souvenir2 for the Taiwanese. They buy boxes of Black Thunder! It’s kind of3 nice to know that something made in Japan is liked by foreigners.     Speaking of4 Black Thunder that I just mentioned, last week I [...]

◆A Souvenir from Tokyo

A Souvenir from Tokyo     Around Obon break, it’s time for me to meet my good old1 friends. I had two of these reunions2 this year. One friend, who came back from near Tokyo, gave me this! Go-ma-ta-ma-go!            On the day I was going to meet her, I was remembering [...]

◆Fresh from the Garden 2

Fresh from the Garden 2              Voila!  I have to update our blog with this before it gets too old( I mean this photo, not the blueberries! ). When I talked about our rapsberries before, these blueberries were still unripe1, but a couple of weeks after that, they were ready to [...]


◆お待ちになっている方へ◆                        長らくお待たせしておりまして申し訳ありません。   2クラス分の空きが出来ました。 初めに待っていらっしゃる方から、順にご案内しております。   曜日・時間がうまく合わず見合わせるというご返答を頂いた場合は、次にお待ちの方にお知らせを差し上げます。   一通りクラスの調整が終わりましたら、今回決まらなかった方には、waiting list の何番目になっているかのご報告を致します。 Thank you for your patience and we will contact you soon.              Will & Rie