Monthly Archives: 2月 2015

◆Belated Cat Day Talk

"Belated" Cat Day Talk        Did you know this? Me, I sure didn’t . One of my students told me that February 22 was Cat Day. Wow! Fun! The reason is that February is the second month, so the date is 2 22, which can be read "nyan nyan nyan" in Japanese.(In Japanese, [...]

◆The Owl Project

The Owl Project(by Will)       Our(me and my bird friend) bird box maker is at it again! Last weekend I put up 2 new boxes, and he’s made more.     This is not just for fun — it has real meaning. The small birds that nest in holes in trees have a [...]

◆Little Fun Things around Me!(1)

Little Fun Things around Me! (1)       I love gardening (but in winter our garden lies fallow1), and also I love taking care of small plants in my room. In winter, of course, they seldom show signs of growth — I thought…. but look!        It started to spin thread2!  From [...]