Monthly Archives: 3月 2016

◆Still there?

Still There?     In the Hirose River, this year again, a bunch of1 swans spent winter. They make our neighborhood really peaceful. I always enjoy seeing2 people feeding3 them and swans eagerly waiting to be fed4. They could be owls, too. I mean night owls5! Sometimes when I stay up late6, I can’t see [...]


Ampersand    Did you know? The sign & has a name . I got to know1 that recently, and so did Will2. (To be correct3, Will was first.)  Recently, it seems that Will bumped into4 this topic somehow, and he was talking about it in the car. I went "Wow!."   That symbol’s name is ampersand.  [...]

◆I couldn’t resist…

I couldn’t resist1…     Last weekend, Will and I went to a home supply store to buy Ichigo’s(=our dog) food.   Of course, I never leave that kind of store without checking some plants. Especially, the one we visited this time has quite a good variety of2 succulents3 for reasonable4 prices. They don’t use plastic [...]