Monthly Archives: 1月 2019

◆Finally Some Actions!

    Finally Some Action!(by Will)     I put up my birdfeeder in the middle of December, and had no activity for a long time. It always takes a while for the birds to find the feeder (I don’t feed in the summer, so it’s like starting from scratch1 each time), but it took [...]

◆Our Friend’s Work

    Our Friend’s Work       Today, we went to an art and craft event at Mitsukoshi department store where our friend has her work1.             Her work always has some nice and calm, warm soothing2 feeling in it.     I got permission3 from her to show her [...]

◆Happy New Year 2019!

    Happy New Year 2019!        Happy New Year, everybody!!       We wish you a great 2019!!         Let’s make this year wonderful!!       How was your New Year holidays? We hope everybody had a great time with your important person or people, or even by yourself.       [...]