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◆Refined Biz Sign

  Refined1 Biz Sign    No way! Was I that lazy2? Hope not. Just now, I looked for the old blog of mine to see when was the last time I worked on our business sign. I found one in June, 2012. Maybe, I fixed it one or two times after that, but I just [...]

◆Potty Talk Again!

  Potty1 Talk Again!     Recently, I fixed2 the rollers of the door of the bathroom, and I talked about how much fun it is to go to the bathroom and open and close the door. (See my blog on June, 15. )     Again, just a couple weeks ago, I wanted to [...]

◆My Schedule Book for 2016

My Schedule Book for 2016     Already at stationary stores1, they’ve started to display date books2 for 2016.     I bet3 many people have features4 that they care about5 in a date book.  In my case, I like the DELFONICS one, and I’ve stayed with it for the last 5 years.     [...]

◆Handicrafts for the First Time in a Long Time!

Handicrafts for the First time in a Long Time!   ( Here is my excuse1…I decided a long ago what I was going to write about in my blog, but since December is a quite hectic time, I couldn’t get started2. Well, I’m going to catch up with3 my blog now. Here we go! ) [...]

◆Handcrafts Fair and Reunion

Handcrafts Fair and Reunion      At the same time1 as last year, Will and I visited this fair. It was again  held on the same street downtown2, so we went and enjoyed seeing a lot of fun and interesting artwork.     It was fun to see all  kinds of arts and crafts3 — [...]