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◆Like Gems

  They Are Like Gems       Recently, I’m like a jeweler1. Look! I often make these at home. They are called Kohaku To — literally translated, Amber2 Sugar, but I think they should be called "Candy Crystals3" !       Requested by the youngest member of the family, I started trying, referring [...]

◆A Surfer Came Back!

  The Surfer Came Back!        I’ve been waiting for this! Finally, I came across1 a surfer figure2 at the dollar store.     Starting last summer, I have been enjoying making some story in the sink on the top of the water tank in the bathroom. ( I talked about it in [...]

◆Another Artsy Sunday

  Another Artsy1 Sunday        I haven’t reported yet that we had another fun Sunday. Sorry, it has been 2 weeks since then. f(=_=;) Yes! We went to the Handmade Fair of Oyakushi-san at Yakushi-do, which I mentioned at the end of the last blog.       It was SO MUCH FUN to visit there, [...]

◆Our Sunday

  Our Sunday       This Sunday, it was really hot and muggy, wasn’t it? However, we had a nice Sunday. First, we took our dog, Ichigo, to the vet and came back home. Then, we had a late breakfast with English muffins, which is our regular Sunday breaky menu.      After that, [...]

◆Guess What It Is

  Guess What It is       It can be like the letter U or the letter O. It can also turn into a snail or some shape you can’t describe1. Can you tell what it is?         The answer is ….. a saxophone mute! To soften the sound, we put [...]