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◆Spooky House

  Spooky House & Pumpkin Story     Trick or treat!!   Was your house or your town safe from being attacked by zombies?     Do you know that it is said that Halloween originally comes from a festival called "Samhein" of the Celts1 back in the old days? To make a long story [...]

◆Seaside Park BBQ

  Seaside Park BBQ (by Will)     The pub where I’m a regular (I eat and sometimes perform with my friend on their stage) had their yearly picnic last Sunday. I’m afraid because of Covid-19 I’m not as regular as1 I used to be, but they were nice enough to invite me anyway.   [...]

◆Happy New Year

  Happy     New         Year, everybody!!     This is the year 2020. The year of the mouse! The year of the Olympics1! Did you have nice a New Year’s holiday?     Will and I got together with2 our family on New Year’s Day and on the evening of3 the 2nd, our old [...]

◆How We Spend Our New Year’s Eve

  How We Spend Our New Year’s Eve     How are you enjoying your New Year’s Eve? Maybe you’re busy preparing1 New Year’s dishes2? Or are you trying to finish your cleaning project?     In recent years, I do my serious cleaning when it is warm, and I skip the big cleaning project [...]

◆Xmas is coming

  Xmas Is Coming     It’s our tradition to decorate the house for Christmas on the first Sunday in December. To be correct, at least we put out the Christmas tree, and after that, finding a little spare time1 in a day, we make our house more Christmasy2 gradually3.       Of course, [...]