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◆Jazz Festival 2017

  Jezz Festival 2017      On Sunday afternoon, we went downtown1 to enjoy the Jazz Festival. This is one of our annual events to enjoy. The whole town is filled with2 music. As we walk, music comes from every corner. When we bump into3 some music we like, we stop and listen. We can [...]

◆My Wimbledon

  My Wimbledon     This year’s Wimbledon was over last Sunday. Rodger Federer, my favorite player, became the champion again, breaking the record1 by getting the title 8 times.     I started watching Wimbledon on TV 7 years ago. That’s when I first noticed2 that NHK shows the matches on TV. After watching [...]

◆Will’s vacation

  Will’s Vacation (by Will)     This spring, I had a great vacation in the US. My kid is living there and going to school, and lives with a very dear friend of mine and his wife. While I was there, on the mornings when my kid was at school, Tim took me out [...]

◆He Came Back with These!

  He Came Back with These!     Will took some time off1 and went back to the states2 for a while, and he finally came back recently. During that time, I lived with my cat and dog. When I walked our dog, people asked me, "Did Will-san go home?" "I heard Will-san went home. [...]

◆Cat Day

Cat Day     February, 22 is Cat Day. We can read the date in Japanese as Nyan Nyan Nyan, and that’s what a cat says. Well, then, this is my chance to talk about my cat.     She showed up on this blog in January and February, 2015. It’s been a while.    [...]