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Pumpkins Are Ready

  Pumpkins Are Ready        The harvest1 is done! Suddenly quite a few2 pumpkins appeared in front of our house at the end of August. That was a fun surprise! While I was out3, Will went to the field where he was growing pumpkins and brought them home.       The next day, [...]

The Supermoon Eclipse

  The Supermoon Eclipse        It was wonderful, wasn’t it? Around this area, we really lucked out1. It was a clear night! And also, personally, I lucked out schedule wise2. My last class finished at 8:00.      Since I read that a total eclipse3 of the moon was going to start at [...]

◆Big Bird Day 2021 — Part 2

  Big Bird Day 2021 — Part 2   (Continued from the last blog entry)   Things were very quiet at the coastal spots I visited and I knew I was in trouble1 when I didn’t get a lot of common birds that I was hoping for.     At the end of the day, [...]

◆Big Bird Day 2021 — Part 1

  Big Bird Day 2021 — Part 1 (by Will)       As usual, my new year started with a big bird day. This is my first sunrise for 2021!         My usual first stop on BBD is Kabukurinuma, but it’s colder and snowier than Sendai and many small rural1 roads [...]

◆Xmas Season

  Xmas Season    Will put up our Christmas tree1 on the first Sunday of December! When I turned the calendar page to December, first I couldn’t believe that it was already Christmas time, but thanks to this tree, I now feel it is truly December!       It got suddenly cold, and we [...]