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◆A Long Way to Halloween

  A Long Way to Halloween     In the blog of July 30, Will talked about his pumpkins. And now a bit of catch up1.     They kept growing okay for a while2, but the long summer heat with the wet air started treatening3 the pumpkins. In early September, he noticed the skin4 [...]

◆My Tradition!!

  My Tradition       A week has passed since Golden Week. How did you enjoy your holidays?     Of course, my blog during/soon after Golden Week is about my tradition1 — a flower shopping spree2 with my friend! I got up in the morning excitedly. I made coffee and a bag of [...]

◆Our Friend’s Work

    Our Friend’s Work       Today, we went to an art and craft event at Mitsukoshi department store where our friend has her work1.             Her work always has some nice and calm, warm soothing2 feeling in it.     I got permission3 from her to show her [...]

◆Happy New Year 2018!

  Happy New Year 2018!                 Happy New Year, everybody! We hope you spent a nice new year’s holiday.     We had slow but fun holidays. On New Year’s Day, we went to my mom’s house and we had New Year’s food1 together. After that, we had our [...]

◆Halloween 2017

  Halloween 2017    Did you go trick-or-treating1? Did you get a lot of candy2? I hope nobody bumped into3 zombies.    This year again, we prepared some candy for kids, made 3 Jack-o’-lanterns, and decorated the house. I helped him a bit, but Will did most of the work!    This year’s first Jack-o’-lantern [...]