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◆A Miracle!

  A Miracle! (by Will)     A miracle happened to me! I had completely given up on1 my pumpkins this year, but recently 2 pumkins started growing!     As you know (if you look back at the past blogs, you can see), I grow pumpkins every year. For the last several years, I [...]

◆Did You See the Shooting Stars?

  Did You See the Shooting Stars?     It was Thursday night when Will got an email from his friend, saying that1 he and his wife had been watching shooting stars.     Of course, right away, I said, "Let’s go outside and see them!" So we went outside quickly and started looking up [...]

◆A Birding Trip to Zao

  A Birding Trip to Zao(by Will)       We’ve been stuck1 inside for a couple of months now, but recently with Sendai opening up we, my circle of friends and family, are starting to venture out2 into the world.     It was just a few days ago that Paul and I did [...]

◆Swans Again

  Swans Again     Suddenly it got cold! It’s always hard to accept this change, isn’t it? Even though1 we experience transition2 periods of the seasons several times a year, this is the hardest one because we have to face the long cold winter.     However, on the earth, there are some creatures3 [...]


  Pumpkins (by Will)     The sun came out – and the danger is over (I hope).   I have grown pumpkins in front of my house for many years. It has been a really fun challenge and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gotten some big pumpkins, and though last year I had a [...]