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  Rooks    Will loooves rooks. That’s Miyama Garasu in Japanese. He named his band after1 these crows — the Rooks. See! He even made a T-shirt. (The bag came with it as a present from the shop.)    When we talk of2 crows, we don’t think anything special, right? Well, I didn’t, but they [...]

◆Our Birds

  Our Birds     Do you remember that I talked about a pair of great tit1 in our birdhouse2 in the garden? They are still there!       A few days after they started nesting3 there, Will realized that they would be really hot in the summer. First, we were happy to have [...]

◆Our Garden

  Our Garden     How was your Golden Week? Our Golden Week was quiet1 but wonderful — that’s how I want it. (We went to a restaurant for lunch2, I enjoyed flower shopping with my friend, Will enjoyed birding with his friend, we spent some time with my mom and we both enjoyed gardening [...]

◆Bird Tour

Bird Tour     Recently, one of Will’s students asked Will to take her and her husband and their friends out to the Hirose River for a bird tour. Oh, Will was really happy about that.     He made a handout1 so that each person would have a bird guide in their hands2, and [...]


Banding (by Will)       My bird-bander friend (he’s a good bass player, too) has moved his banding spot to a place that’s much closer to our house and that means I can visit much more often. The other day I joined him on a sunny, clear-skied morning1 just before 6:00am. This is the passerine [...]