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◆Feeding Birds

  Feeding Birds (by Will)       For the first time in a long time1, I decided to feed the birds in my garden. This winter has been a long, cold one, and the birds always have a hard time finding2 food at this time of year. So I headed to3 the store for [...]

◆After They Flew Away

  After They Flew Away    Do you remember that this summer a pair of great tits1 hatched their eggs2 in our garden? (If you missed it, you can go back to our old blogs of May 14 and June 4.)    Since it’s not the nesting season, Will decided to clean the bird house. [...]


  Rooks    Will loooves rooks. That’s Miyama Garasu in Japanese. He named his band after1 these crows — the Rooks. See! He even made a T-shirt. (The bag came with it as a present from the shop.)    When we talk of2 crows, we don’t think anything special, right? Well, I didn’t, but they [...]

◆Our Birds

  Our Birds     Do you remember that I talked about a pair of great tit1 in our birdhouse2 in the garden? They are still there!       A few days after they started nesting3 there, Will realized that they would be really hot in the summer. First, we were happy to have [...]

◆Our Garden

  Our Garden     How was your Golden Week? Our Golden Week was quiet1 but wonderful — that’s how I want it. (We went to a restaurant for lunch2, I enjoyed flower shopping with my friend, Will enjoyed birding with his friend, we spent some time with my mom and we both enjoyed gardening [...]