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◆Swans Again

  Swans Again     Suddenly it got cold! It’s always hard to accept this change, isn’t it? Even though1 we experience transition2 periods of the seasons several times a year, this is the hardest one because we have to face the long cold winter.     However, on the earth, there are some creatures3 [...]


  Pumpkins (by Will)     The sun came out – and the danger is over (I hope).   I have grown pumpkins in front of my house for many years. It has been a really fun challenge and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gotten some big pumpkins, and though last year I had a [...]

◆What Will Showed Me

  What Will Showed Me      The other day, when Will came back from a bird watching trip1 with his friend, he showed me some interesting photos from his day.     This time, he went to Onuma at the Agricultural2 Center and saw some birds. He saw some Great Crested3 Grebes4. According to [...]

◆Jupiter and its moons

  Jupiter and Its Moons       On Thursday night, around 10 o’clock, while I was preparing my classes for the following1 day, Will shouted from downstairs, "Would you like to see Jupitar’s moons?"     Actually, Will got to know2 from some news site on the Internet that something special was going on3 [...]

◆Birder’s Report

  Birder’s Report (by Will)     There is a place in Sendai that I know where many birds roost1.   I visited last week. The birds make their huge nests in the pine trees2, all crowded3 together and sometimes touching. And it’s not just one kind of bird! We counted 5 species4 — all [...]