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◆Birder’s Report

  Birder’s Report (by Will)     There is a place in Sendai that I know where many birds roost1.   I visited last week. The birds make their huge nests in the pine trees2, all crowded3 together and sometimes touching. And it’s not just one kind of bird! We counted 5 species4 — all [...]

◆Pumpkins of This Year

    Pumpkins of This Year     It’s pumpkin (and everything else) planting time again!      For the last few years I haven’t been very excited about my pumpkins but this year I’m in the mood to1 grow a big one.   So I ordered some special seeds2 on the net and decided [...]

◆Finally Some Actions!

    Finally Some Action!(by Will)     I put up my birdfeeder in the middle of December, and had no activity for a long time. It always takes a while for the birds to find the feeder (I don’t feed in the summer, so it’s like starting from scratch1 each time), but it took [...]

◆Another New Thing in the Garden

    Another New Thing in the Garden        Again, a report from our garden. Now, a mysterious tower has appeared!  Is our garden turning into some kind of religious1 spot? Last month, an offering2-looking3 thingy4 and this month, a pagoda-looking kind of thingy was added.      The truth is…. Will is [...]

◆A Fruit Plate in the Garden

    A Fruit Plate in the Garden        This summer, a very nice looking fruit plate appeared in our garden.      I know — it looks fun, right? … but it’s not for people. Can you guess what this plate is for? Believe it or not,1 it’s for butterflies!     [...]