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◆Our Garden

  Our Garden       One week has past since Golden Week. After my big Golden Week flower shopping day, finally the flowers that I bought on that day are settled in their spots.     We don’t want to tire ourselves out1, pushing ourselves to finish2 planting everything in one day, so it [...]

◆Mont Saint-Michel?

  Mont Saint-Michel?       My recent great dicovery was …. Mont Saint-Michel — right before our eyes!     I know you are going, "huh?" (ha ha ha!)  Well, there is a little trick.     Voila! What do you think?     This spring, I often walked our dog, Ichigo. Since the [...]

◆Belated Cherry Blossom Talk

    Belated1 Cherry Blossom Talk       I started writing the blog a while ago2, but sorry! I didn’t touch it for a while because 2 colleges started and that made my life a bit hectic3, and also, recently we had trouble with our internet connection for a while. …but now, I can [...]

◆Feeding Birds

  Feeding Birds (by Will)       For the first time in a long time1, I decided to feed the birds in my garden. This winter has been a long, cold one, and the birds always have a hard time finding2 food at this time of year. So I headed to3 the store for [...]

◆After They Flew Away

  After They Flew Away    Do you remember that this summer a pair of great tits1 hatched their eggs2 in our garden? (If you missed it, you can go back to our old blogs of May 14 and June 4.)    Since it’s not the nesting season, Will decided to clean the bird house. [...]