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◆Happy New Year 2019!

    Happy New Year 2019!        Happy New Year, everybody!!       We wish you a great 2019!!         Let’s make this year wonderful!!       How was your New Year holidays? We hope everybody had a great time with your important person or people, or even by yourself.       [...]

◆At the End of the Year

    At the End of the Year        Now are you busy preparing1 New Year dishes? or writing New Year’s Cards? or kicking back2 in front of the TV and having soba noodles?      In my case, I’m sitting in the livingroom and writing this blog for the last time this [...]

◆Speaking of Plants,

    Speaking of Plants,        In the last blog, I talked about how much I LOVE plants and I have so many plants, especially succulents1, in my room. Of course, there are a lot outside like in our small garden and in front of our front door.     Once I start [...]

◆My Life Is Finally Settling Down

    My Life Is Finally Settling Down        Sorry, people who are waiting for my blog to be updated1 to study English with it! (←It’s so wordy2… (^-^;) ) Writing a blog for our homepage is always on my to-do list3, but this month I just couldn’t do it. m(- -)m   [...]

◆My Autumn Life

    My Autumn Life        At the beginning of fall, which is the transition1 period from the scorching2 heat to sudden cool temperatures, I’m sure that everybody went throught3 the hard time of coming out of the transition fatigue4, adjusting themselves to this cool weather. Finally, I’m also settling down in5 this [...]