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◆That Day Again

  That Day Again       My friend who I go on the flower shopping spree with had been telling me that she wants to see our garden. She is busy and I’m also busy, so it hadn’t happened for a long time. Probably the last time she visited our house was 5 years [...]

◆Like a Gem

  Like a Gem      I’m really sick of this cold cold winter, and probably so is everybody else1.     So far, to get my mind off of2 that, I have been trying to do something different from usual. Sometimes, I take a different route3 on the way home. Sometimes, I pop into4 [...]

◆Seri Nabe

  Seri Nabe      Finally, I had Seri Nabe, which I had been wanting to try! If I explained it to an English speaker, I would1 say …. a Japanese stew served in a big pot with thin bouillon2 soup,Tofu, some vegetables and Japanese mushrooms, and especially Seri, a Japanese herby3 green. Whew! Showing [...]

◆Warming our House!

  Warming Our House    It’s not just Xmas tree and lights which warm up our house. Now our bedding is improved1 and we are enjoying our life with warm bedding. Yeah!     In this cold season, how comfortable we can sleep at night is quite a big issue, isn’t it? I fixed this [...]


  December!    It’s so quick! It’s already December. Now everybody will be busy, busy, busy.    One of the things we have to do first in December is a Christmas tree. Today, we put up1 ours. We hung the ornaments together. It is Will’s rule that we all have to decorate the tree together.   [...]