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◆Want a Treat?

  Want a Treat?     I subscribe to1 several mail magazines about French language learning and Spanish language learning. As I was thumbing through2 a French mail magazine on my smartphone, an unusual word came into my sight3 — Choco Ball Ice Cream. What???     The author writes blogs about many things; French, [...]

◆Just like the Story of the Crane?

  Just like the Story of the Crane?     Recently, spiders are getting really active and just overnight1 they make cobwebs2 at the windows of my room, where I keep the lights on all the time at night.     I hate to see bugs3 in the cobwebs, not just for the aesthetic4 reason [...]

◆The Next New Generations

  The Next New Generations     If you have stepped into my room, you can tell that I’m a bit of plant fanatic1. I have a huge collection of leafy2 plants, especially succulants3. It gets beyond my control4 sometimes, but you know people can’t stay rational5 when we love something, right?       [...]

◆2 Old Guys Sitting by the River

  2 Old Guys Sitting by the River(by Will)       With our lives still restricted1 by Covid-19, my birding with Paul has been really limited.   For the past couple of months, our birding has meant2 meeting outside his apartment building and walking – fully masked and properly3 distanced – to a park [...]

◆My Life in Self Quarantine

  My Life in Self Quarantine       During this period of self quarentine1, like other people, my life is quite changed. Of course, we don’t see many people in person2. After we started teaching online3, there is always a loud voice in the house, talking at4 a computer. There are many different aspects5 [...]