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A Great Discovery for a After-Work Treat

  A Great Discovery for a After-Work Treat        Thanks to our friend, we discovered something fun for our taste buds1. Since he was going back to his country, he gave us quite a bunch of 2food that he couldn’t finish eating. Among all of this treasure3, we found this!       [...]

My Super Food for Summer

  My Super Food for Summer        This summer, I found a super food for the summer! Just thinking that it is sitting in the freezer makes me push myself until the last class at night. That magic food is….. Ta-da!!         I often lose my appetite1 in the summer, [...]

My Car Project

  My Car Project        We are driving a pretty old friend — a forester (I love this name!). Starting a few months ago, our buddy started to make a sqeeky sound from the engine area, and I took it to our car dealer recently and had it fixed.     The engine [...]

Tasha and Ichigo Time

  Tasha and Ichigo Time        If you have been inside our living room, you have seen Ichigo, our dog, sitting in her regular spot and sleeping by herself. As you know, we have one more family member, Tasha, the Cat. Usually, Ichigo stays downstairs1 and Tasha stays upstairs2.       Today, [...]

It’s nothing special, but…

  It’s Nothing Special, But ….        It was so funny that I’m going to share this story here.      Introduction ….. In my make-up pouch, there is a cute round can which contains1 face powder, which my friend recommended to2 me.             It’s sometimes nice to break a routine3. [...]