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◆A Tiny Guitar

  A Tiny Guitar       Just recently, Will got a new musical instrument1! It looks like a ukulele, but it has 6 strings2. He already has a quitar, soprano ukulele and a tenor uke3. This one is a bit bigger than that. (YAMAHA calls it a Guitalele.)     First, Will saw it [...]

◆Recent Buys #2

  Recent Buys #2     Recently, this bag joined my bag wardrobe1. Kind of fun, isn’t it?     I fell in love with2 it at first sight3 and I bought it right away.         I seldom4 go downtown for shopping, but on that day I HAD TO go downtown to have my [...]

◆Recent Buys

  Recent Buys1     In the last three days, I bought 3 interesting things: coins, Halloween decorations and bread. This time, I want to share what I bought.         The coins. Actually, they are not really something I bought. To explain it correctly, I got them them at the bank (I EXCHANGED [...]

◆Delicious Summer Bugs!

    Delicious Summer Bugs     I almost forgot to talk about this! Before the summer will be long gone1, I’ve got to write about these cute beetles.       This summer, they came to our house several times and brought us some fun moments with our friends.   First, our encounter2 was [...]


    Recommendations!     Now, it’s April! We are starting a new life at school and at the workplace1. At this time of the year, some of you might be thinking about starting to learn somthing new. If you think about learning English, to support your study, here are some cool2 free smartphone translation [...]