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◆A Sensational Experience

A Sensational Experience     I know the name of this fruit and I like the taste of this fruit (becuase I’ve had it in juice), but I hadn’t actually seen it or cut it in my hand1 — blood oranges. Have you?     I got one blood orange by chance2. It seemed like [...]

◆Speaking of Giving up My Preconceived Ideas…

Speaking of Giving Up My preconceived Ideas1…     Do you remember that I showed some interesting things in the last blog? AGAIN it happened to me!     The first one was a Japanese tea pot with 2 spouts2. The second one was a western style tea pot with 2 spouts. This time ….. [...]

◆What I’m into now

What I’m into now       One of nice things about our job is we can meet a lot of different people and learn many interesting things from them. Sometimes, they can also bring us some practical1 information2, too.       Recently, thanks to my student, I have come to3 like a certain4 [...]

◆New Variety?

New Variety?       Our Halloween pumkin, which we took out at the end of August, is still OK. It hasn’t gotten rotten1 yet. Maybe it can make it2 to Halloween! (Knock on wood3.)       Today, I’m going to talk about a pumkin, but it’s not about the same pumkin. Here it [...]


Kin-moku-sei       Oh, no. I almost forgot about this! I took some photos, so let me put them up1 in my blog quickly.       In September, when I finally felt like it’s about time the heat went down and the air got dry2, something which told us the season was changing [...]