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◆2 kinds of food!

  2 Kinds of Food     I couldn’t update my blog for a while, so I accumulated1 some stories. To catch up with them, while I can’t talk about all of them, I will put two in one.     This year, again, we got raspberries2 from our garden. We always move our plants [...]

◆I Blew It!

  I Blew It!     When I write a blog, I pay attention to1 the words and expressions I use so that readers can build up their vocabulary.     So it’s not a bad idea to pick up2 a topic totally different from usual. You might learn some new terms3.     Well, [...]

◆café hoppin’

  Café hoppin’     Since I was off from1 the colleges for spring break till recently2, I was enjoying some of my free time meeting3 friends at cafes. I’m a coffee person, so it was such great fun to sit in a cafe and talk over4 some good coffee.     During this break [...]

◆Enjoying the Night Sky in the House

Enjoying the Night Sky — in the House     Will has been working on a house cleaning project1 on his own2 for a while. When people do this, the main purpose is to throw things away, but sometimes people find something unexpected or forgotten.     In his case3, he found our old home [...]

◆A Sensational Experience

A Sensational Experience     I know the name of this fruit and I like the taste of this fruit (becuase I’ve had it in juice), but I hadn’t actually seen it or cut it in my hand1 — blood oranges. Have you?     I got one blood orange by chance2. It seemed like [...]