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◆The Only Flower in the World

  The Only Flower in the World!      Now we live every day with our attention on COVID-191. Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to have a positive mind, isn’t it? However, since everybody in the world is facing the same situation and living with the same feeling, we all have to do our best [...]

◆Slow Life~Spanish Exam

  Slow Life~Spanish Exam      At the end of November, I took the Spanish test, DELE A2, and recently I got the result1. I barely2 made it3. Whew!!. I passed the test, but I made only 0.62 over the passing line.(I know — I have never taken a test which gives us 2 digits4 [...]

◆A Tiny Guitar

  A Tiny Guitar       Just recently, Will got a new musical instrument1! It looks like a ukulele, but it has 6 strings2. He already has a quitar, soprano ukulele and a tenor uke3. This one is a bit bigger than that. (YAMAHA calls it a Guitalele.)     First, Will saw it [...]

◆Recent Buys #2

  Recent Buys #2     Recently, this bag joined my bag wardrobe1. Kind of fun, isn’t it?     I fell in love with2 it at first sight3 and I bought it right away.         I seldom4 go downtown for shopping, but on that day I HAD TO go downtown to have my [...]

◆Recent Buys

  Recent Buys1     In the last three days, I bought 3 interesting things: coins, Halloween decorations and bread. This time, I want to share what I bought.         The coins. Actually, they are not really something I bought. To explain it correctly, I got them them at the bank (I EXCHANGED [...]