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◆My Life in Self Quarantine

  My Life in Self Quarantine       During this period of self quarentine1, like other people, my life is quite changed. Of course, we don’t see many people in person2. After we started teaching online3, there is always a loud voice in the house, talking at4 a computer. There are many different aspects5 [...]

◆One Stay Here

  One Stay Here       I’m very sorry that I didn’t update our blog this month until now. It has been a very busy time for us running1 our classes, supporting the switch to online lessons and teaching online lessons which requires2 more energy than teaching in person3. (←Don’t worry! We are accustomed [...]

◆What I Learned from my Doc

  What I Learned from my Doc      Recently, I had my 6-month check-up on my thyroid1 at the University Hospital. I’m not diagnosed with2 Basedow’s disease nor Hashimoto thyroiditis. My thyroid is functioning normally, but somehow my brain doesn’t produce enough thyroid stimulating3 hormone.       This time, unusually, my doctor suggested [...]

◆The Only Flower in the World

  The Only Flower in the World!      Now we live every day with our attention on COVID-191. Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to have a positive mind, isn’t it? However, since everybody in the world is facing the same situation and living with the same feeling, we all have to do our best [...]

◆Slow Life~Spanish Exam

  Slow Life~Spanish Exam      At the end of November, I took the Spanish test, DELE A2, and recently I got the result1. I barely2 made it3. Whew!!. I passed the test, but I made only 0.62 over the passing line.(I know — I have never taken a test which gives us 2 digits4 [...]