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◆After Having Some Stress

    After Having Some Stress        For the last three days, at night I was hearing a strange sound. It was like a washing machine spinning. You know, the sound of a washing machine which you hear in the other room with every door closed.      I knew it wasn’t coming [...]

◆Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  Chocolate Chip Cookies!       Yesterday the typoon hit the town, and I had several cancellations of classes. Suddenly I got some time but couldn’t go anywhere. I decided to do something unusual.     I remembered that I had been seeing a pack of chocolate chip cookie mix in the kitchen for [...]

◆That Day Again

  That Day Again       My friend who I go on the flower shopping spree with had been telling me that she wants to see our garden. She is busy and I’m also busy, so it hadn’t happened for a long time. Probably the last time she visited our house was 5 years [...]

◆Like a Gem

  Like a Gem      I’m really sick of this cold cold winter, and probably so is everybody else1.     So far, to get my mind off of2 that, I have been trying to do something different from usual. Sometimes, I take a different route3 on the way home. Sometimes, I pop into4 [...]

◆Seri Nabe

  Seri Nabe      Finally, I had Seri Nabe, which I had been wanting to try! If I explained it to an English speaker, I would1 say …. a Japanese stew served in a big pot with thin bouillon2 soup,Tofu, some vegetables and Japanese mushrooms, and especially Seri, a Japanese herby3 green. Whew! Showing [...]